White Rose Day






This White Flower

"The rose of all the world is not for me.

I want for my part

Only the little white rose of Scotland

That smells sharp and sweet - and breaks the heart".

Hugh McDiarmid

Poem courtesy of Carcanet Press https://www.carcanet.co.uk

In the referendum of 23 June 2016 every part of Scotland voted to remain part of the EU with 62% in favour. Despite this the people of Scotland are being dragged out of the EU on March 29th, a date that will last in infamy. On March 30th we are borrowing the symbolism of the Jacobites when they plucked the white rose of Scotland to wear on their bonnets. This is to mark the death of Scottish democracy and our determination to restore it.

This is not about Nationalism nor Brexit - it is about democracy.

On March 30th individuals will be wearing a white rose or another white flower and will be coming together in small groups to mark this day by laying a wreath or a posy with a simple message. We hope you can join us.