Scottish Economy Outperforming UK

"In Insider yesterday: ‘Buoyant demand saw Scotland’s office property sector deliver bumper returns for investors last year, according to new figures. The total return from capital and rental growth saw the sector achieve an 8.2% return compared with 5.9% in 2017 and outperform the wider UK. Scotland’s offices, retail and alternatives market – which includes property such as student housing and petrol stations – all significantly outperformed the UK. Industrials also had a strong end to the year, achieving the highest return of the three main sectors at 8.6%. Retail returned 4.7% compared to the UK’s -1.1%, and alternatives, which has continued to be the best performing sector in Scotland and the only one to achieve double-digit returns in 2018, achieved 10.6% compared to the UK’s 7.5%.’"