How Would Energy Be Cheaper In An Independent Scotland?

"At the moment, the UK’s power supply is managed in a way that suits the needs of the south of England. That is where the UK Dept of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy is based; Ofgem, National Grid and all of the decision-makers in the UK’s energy strategy.  They have presided over a situation where producing renewable energy and smart storage in Scotland is effectively disincentivised: it’s expensive to connect to the grid; there are delays; permission may be refused. UK decision-makers have chosen instead to pour billions into nuclear energy plants, even though they are much more expensive than renewables and have high decommissioning costs. They have also sunk more billions into importing gas.  The new grid investment proposal is aimed at enabling the UK to bring in more cheap energy from Scotland. It is welcome but it is not enough to solve the problems of planning for a bright energy future for Scotland. It is not focused on supporting Scotland to make the most of its huge energy potential, or ensuring Scotland’s people benefit from shared resources. With independence, Scotland could do a much better job."