Tory Lies, Corruption, Austerity & Bad Policy Damage

Why The (Westminster) Government Is Lying When It Says It Cannot Afford Pay Awards For The NHS And The Police

"In the case of government it’s never true there’s no money to do what people want. The opposite is always true. There is always money to do what people want. The reality is that politicians have to decide which things they want, and the fact is that they do not want to admit that. I stress, this is true right now with regard to the pay rises for the NHS and the police. The government will be claiming that they cannot afford to provide new money for the NHS and cannot afford pay rises for the police. But those claims are straightforward lies."

Why Are The Tories So Worried?

"You'd think that a government with a big majority and high on the polls would have little to worry about, and yet the Tories are showing signs of being very worried. How long is it before failings on Brexit and Covid 19 catch up with them, corruption is rumbled and Scotland declares it has had enough, leaving them as the party that killed the country? Their behaviour suggests that they think the answer is 'not long'."
Watch Richard Murphy's video for more.

The British Black Comedy Of Covid

"Tens of thousands of lives have been lost due to the negligence of this British Government. It has failed to implement testing, tracing, and isolating and even now at this late stage the government is nowhere near meeting its targets for testing. It was slow to introduce lockdown measures and squandered the valuable lead that the UK had early on in the outbreak. It has failed to ensure that PPE is supplied to all those key workers who need it. It has politicised its scientific advice by including political appointees on its scientific panel and then compounded the error by refusing to reveal the “science” it claims to be following. The entirely predictable result is that the UK now has the highest death toll of anywhere in Europe, even when based upon the partial figures of the UK Government itself."