Mainstream Media Distortion

BBC's Andrew Neil Materially Misled His Audience

"A reminder of one of the most clear, but by no means the only, example of BBC Bias against the SNP published today in the Ofcom report: Sunday Politics, BBC One, 30 April 2017, 11:24. This programme included an interview with the Scottish National Party (“SNP”) former Scottish First Minister Alex Salmond in which the presenter, Andrew Neil, asked about the SNP’s record on education. In one of his questions (“Why, after a decade of SNP rule, do one in five Scots pupils leave primary school functionally illiterate?”), Andrew Neil appeared to quote data from an official statistical source to criticise literacy levels among Scottish primary school leavers in 2017. The interview took place during the election period for the 2017 Scottish local elections. In November 2017 the BBC’s Executive Complaints Unit upheld a complaint about this interview and a complainant subsequently referred their complaint to Ofcom.

Following an investigation, Ofcom concluded that Mr Neil’s question had been a significant misrepresentation."

Scottish Daily Express Lied

"Despite the headlines from Scotland’s MSM (Express in April 2019 above) the truth is somewhat different when you consider the evidence. Indeed, the Express headline is a barefaced lie. From the IFS yesterday...School spending per pupil is highest in Scotland, lowest in Northern Ireland. Total school spending per pupil was about £6,600 in Scotland in 2018–19. This is £600 higher than spending per pupil in England (£6,000), with spending per pupil in Wales £200 lower at £5,800. Spending per pupil was lowest in Northern Ireland, at £5,500 per pupil."

BBC Bias By Selection

"This morning on BBC Scotland’s wee insert into BBC Breakfast we heard that ‘Business confidence in Scotland has taken a BATTERING (heavy emphasis)’ based on a Bank of Scotland Business Barometer survey. We also heard that ‘there was a 17-point fall during the first half of July’ (a two-week trend?) and that confidence was the lowest in Scotland.

Somewhat confusingly the same Bank of Scotland Business Barometer at the end of June had report confidence 17% higher in Scotland and higher here than elsewhere in the UK!

As far as I can remember, BBC Scotland had ignored the above good news at the time and did not use it to contextualise or to make today’s report more reliably informative. They did not, of course, report much if any, of these many other good news stories on the Scottish economy."