Scotland's Renewable Energy Already Supports 22660 Jobs!

"The UK National Accounts, for instance, aim to detail transactions of different sectors to show how ‘’the income from production is distributed and redistributed’’. But renewable energy is not counted among those sectors. Surely the UK isn’t trying to play down the economic performance of sectors in which Scotland excels and in which it has the greatest potential."

Scotland's International Relationships

"Dr Kirsty Hughes of the Scottish Centre on European Relations posted a significant Twitter thread explaining Scotland’s relationship with other countries in the wake of the UK government’s attack on Scotland’s international connections, especially our office in Brussels".

Inter alia she said "UK govt wants to inhibit Scottish govt from doing its best to build positive European & international relations despite Brexit. Ironically, this clumsy control-freakery is likely simply to increase understanding & appreciation of Scotland internationally".

Wellbeing And Social Justice Are Affordable In An Independent Scotland

“The purpose of government is to ensure that everyone has what they need to live a good life. That means giving every child the very best start in life, caring for people when they need it throughout their lives and ensuring needs are met through a combination of universal public services, a secure living income and the basic human right to a home. A society that meets those basic needs of its citizens provides a foundation on which to build opportunities for individuals and our whole society to flourish.”

Though Surrounded By Windfarms Scots Pay More For Electricity!

"This new research clearly highlights how Scotland’s renewables potential is being unjustifiably damaged by Westminster’s approach to transmission charges, which are the highest in Europe by some margin. This means that the cost of energy bills has been inflated by Westminster government policy, and economic growth and job creation has been stunted in Scotland – the part of Europe with the greatest renewables potential."