Dgp4indy Dot board on 26 August 2023

Our dedicated team of indy activists were speaking to people in Dumfries town centre on 26 August about how they felt about climate change.  They were asking folk to put a dot on the board to indicate whether they thought our climate is safer in the hands of the Westminster government or whether it would be safer in an indy Scotland.  As you can see the answer was overwhelmingly against Westminster.

It's time Scotland!

Dgp4indy Meeting - 21 September 2023

Come to our next meeting and help to plan future indy events round Dumfries.  Meetings in other places are also possible if there is enough interest.  But the next one we're holding will be on 21 September 2023 from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm in the Aberdour Hotel, 16-20 Newall Terrace, Dumfries DG1 1LW.  All are very welcome.  Refreshments will be available.

Why We Need A National Debt

"So, as a matter of fact a government like that of the UK that has its own currency and central bank has to run a deficit. It's the only way it can keep the money supply going. Which is why almost all governments do run deficits in the modern era."

There Is No Such Thing As Taxpayers' Money

"whichever type of government we look at, “taxpayers’ money” does not fund it. Tax undoubtedly plays a role in government financing, but as a matter of fact the government never spends other people’s money, which would be pretty unethical if our politicians even thought for a moment about what they were saying. Instead, government always spends its own money and is responsible for its own decisions on that spending. It really is time that at this most basic of levels politicians learned what it is they do, how the government that they control works, and how as a result they should manage it. Every time they use the term “taxpayers’ money” they show that they know none of those things."

The UK's "Weak" National Grid Is Crippling Scottish Businesses

"Scotland never voted for the Conservative government that chose to privatise the National Grid. The companies that were formed have made billions for their shareholders out of Scottish businesses and families. While the companies that own Scotland’s infrastructure are traded on the international market, the “weak” grid is failing the country. Only with independence can Scotland change this situation and invest in this vital infrastructure that holds the key to moving away from carbon to Scotland’s cheap and plentiful renewable energy."