10 Reasons To Be Confident Of An Indy Scotland's Future

"Scotland has so many reasons to benefit from independence. Scotland’s constitutional  choice has become much starker than it was in 2014. To stick with a chaotic, Brexit-bound, increasingly unequal UK suffering from a collapse in political governance and international credibility? Or set out on the path towards becoming more prosperous, sustainable and fairer, like most comparable European countries? "

Dgp4indy Stall In Dumfries Town Centre On 29 October 2022

On 29 October some stalwart members of Dumfries & Galloway Pensioners For Independence braved the rain to man a stall in Dumfries Town Centre.  

We had a Dot Board asking members of the public to answer the question Should Scotland Be Independent?  You can see the result in the attached photo, but it was clear that a large majority thought it should. 97 (74%) chose Yes, 23 (18%) chose No and 10 folk (8%) were undecided. 

We also had a "Wishing Wall" on which passers by were invited to place their hopes for Scotland in the future.  The results were very varied as you can see if you enlarge the image.

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Important and Urgent Announcement

You are probably aware that the Scottish Government has referred to the UK Supreme Court, for a legal ruling, the issue of whether or not it would be lawful for the Scottish Government to hold another independence referendum without permission from the UK government.
The highly thought of journalist and activist Lesley Riddoch has launched a campaign to hold an event on the day the Supreme Court announces its verdict.  She suggests that in every area of Scotland Yes supporters assemble at an iconic site with handmade placards and group banners.  Local media will be pre-warned of the assembly.  The intention is for groups to assemble whether the Supreme Court rules in favour of the Scottish Government or not either to celebrate a huge victory or to show disappointment and disapproval.
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Leaving Debt For The Grandchildren

"It is often said that if the government borrows we, as a generation, will leave debt for our grandchildren to repay. This, however, is wrong. The belief is based on a number of falsehoods, which are compounded to create a myth that both facts and history contradict. A thread…."

If Scotland Leaves The UK...

Almost (but not quite) beyond belief. The arch unionist Murdo Fraser MSP spills the beans on why Westminster is desperate not to lose Scotland. Please share and, if you can bear it, watch and listen to Mr Fraser.