Where And By Whom Should Decisions About Scotland Be Made?

On 3 August 2022 two of our members went to the Wigtown Agricultural Show and shared a pitch with friends from the local SNP branch.  The Dgp4indy members took with them a "Dot Board" which posed the question of whether decisions about Scotland are better made in Westminster or in Scotland.  Passers by were buttonholed randomly and invited to put a dot on the board to indicate their preference.  The overwhelming view was that decisions about Scotland should be made in Scotland.  A picture of the final board is attached.  

The final count was that Westminster got 9 votes, 5 people were undecided, but 188 voted for Scotland!  Out of 202 votes cast less than 5% wanted to have decisions about Scotland made in Westminster.  And Dumfries and Galloway normally tends to vote Tory!  Interestingly a number of people who put dots on the board were English folk (their opinion is also valid of course) who said that they had either moved to Scotland to escape the madness and hardening right wing attitudes down south, or were considering doing so.