The Demise Of The Petrodollar?

"My point is that the global oil trade has, to very large extent, underpinned the relative values and the relationship between the world’s fiat currencies. It has also underpinned the economic power of the US in various ways including the fact that many nations buy US govt. bonds to hold as reserves. So! What happens to that system when virtually nobody is buying or refining crude oil anymore and everybody is driving electric vehicles?"

Edinburgh 10th For Job Opportunities Out Of 100 Global Cities

Above New York and Berlin, Edinburgh has come tenth out of 100 top global cities, for ‘opportunities.’ Here’s what organisers, Movinga, say about their criteria: ‘The research tackles three key areas: economic strength for start-ups and established businesses, standard of living including disposable income and healthcare benefits, and the inclusion of youth, women and expats in the workforce. The final index ranks the top 100 cities by the total job opportunity score, from highest to lowest, revealing the score for each factor. The data can also be sorted by each individual category.’

Economic Contribution Of Scottish Women Owned Businesses

"From one of our favourite sources of evidence-based optimism for Scotland, Insider, today (13 November): ‘Women-owned businesses contribute £8.8 billion to the Scottish economy and £105 billion to the UK economy, according to new research from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). Their contribution to the Scottish economy grew by a staggering 76 per cent from £5 billion GVA in 2012 to £8.8 billion figure in 2015. The increase in the contribution to the UK economy was 40 per cent over that period. Scotland’s women-owned businesses are now responsible for creating 231,000 Scottish jobs, up from 153,000 in 2012.’"