A Politician's Guide To The Question, "How Are You Going To Pay For It?"

If only the SNP would grasp the simplicity of Modern Monetary Theory or MMT they'd find it a lot easier to answer that question!

"If there’s one question a politician fears being asked, it is this one. After announcing a decision to undertake a bold new and expensive development project, the question always arises, “How are you going to pay for it?” It shouldn’t be a horror moment for politicians, but it is, and the reason is simple. They are afraid to be caught out. Such is the millstone they have tied themselves to, over the years, trying to discredit their opposition, or portray themselves as fiscally responsible. In the process, they have shot themselves in the foot because they don’t understand how sovereign money works."

8% Of The Population But 62% Of The Fish Landings - How Will We Survive?

From: Provisional Results Monthly UK Sea Fisheries Statistics – Reported Landings: September 2019

Landings January to September 2019 by UK vessels into major ports in:

  • England:              £162.3 million
  • Wales:                  £8.8 million
  • Scotland:             £342.4 million
  • N Ireland:            £34.1 million
  • UK Total:              £547.6 million
  • Landings into the UK by foreign vessels: £1.3 million  


Scottish English Border Information

"Scotland’s Gateways is a team of volunteers from across the south of Scotland, who have worked for many months to create a source of information about the Scotland/England border, including how it works now and how it may work in the future. This is a very important topic which tends to be either ignored, or misrepresented. We will address this topic, filling this gap with a reliable resource. We hope to provide reassurance about many day to day issues affecting those who live, work, trade or travel across the border."

A Tale Of Two Governments

"With a general election on the way, focusing on Brexit and independence, there will be a blizzard of claims about government records. Therefore, we have compared and contrasted the two governments, the UK Conservatives and SNP in Scotland, in a number of significant areas. It is hugely important to be aware of some of the key figures and outcomes of the UK Government so we have looked the last nine years of both SNP (in Scotland) and Conservative rule for the UK overall. By assessing these results alongside the spending and policies of the Scottish government an interesting comparison can be made."