Health & the NHS

Wellbeing And Social Justice Are Affordable In An Independent Scotland

“The purpose of government is to ensure that everyone has what they need to live a good life. That means giving every child the very best start in life, caring for people when they need it throughout their lives and ensuring needs are met through a combination of universal public services, a secure living income and the basic human right to a home. A society that meets those basic needs of its citizens provides a foundation on which to build opportunities for individuals and our whole society to flourish.”

Covid Across The Four Nations - As At 14 October 2020

"The unionist parties and press are daily asserting that Scotland is doing worse in handling Covid than England. Their desperation to undermine Nicola Sturgeon knows no bounds or any sense of decency. The Scottish Government and the First Minister set the policies and actions required but the work on the ground is delivered by the degree of compliance from people in Scotland and the sterling work of Scotland’s NHS. So what is the real position across the nations of the UK?"  Read on...

Scotland's Hospitals Are Safe

"As ‘our’ media swarm all over any sign of death in a hospital, scaring the vulnerable and endangering lives in the process, a bit of context is important. From the NHS Scotland information services division, published 4 days ago, that only 8 or 0.2% of patients in the week-ending 27 September were victims of probable (3) or definite (5) hospital onset Covid-19 infection. These are the most recent data published. 99.4% of cases were acquired in the community before admission to hospital."

Hospitality Is One Of The Highest Risks From Covid

"So while unionists carp and wag fingers, other countries are also acting. Brussels is closing bars for a month, France is introducing restrictions to the hospitality sector, Ireland has restrictions on pub opening and Italy has made wearing face masks mandatory. And Boris Johnson is set to introduce similar regulations as in Scotland for the north of England. What say the ranting Tories now?"