Health & the NHS

Scotland's NHS Outperforms The Rest Of The UK

"The evidence available for comparison suggests that the Scottish Government’s approach to health service management – having a greater ratio of healthcare spending and resources to demand and overall population, as well as providing better GP access to lesson the pressure on hospitals – has made the Scottish health service more effective than that of the rest of the UK."

Sales Of Alcohol Fall To The Lowest Level Since Records Began

"See, never mind the improving trends in consumption. Never mind the fact that the minimum pricing scheme was designed to reduce all problem drinking and not really expected to solve alcoholism. We’re telling you that Scotland is still a place of drunks and that you needn’t get above yourselves. And, never mind that alcohol-related stays in hospital continue to fall as they have done since the early days of this ‘SNP Government’."

Obsession With NHS Targets May Be Making Things Worse

"NHS England has largely given up and across the globe health targets are regarded quite differently but in Scotland they remain highly politicised and simplistic, even moronic. Despite well-known problems with target-setting including both failure to improve services and even a tendency to worsen them (below), the opposition parties and their lackeys in the MSM (above) leap gleefully, as they have done today, on ‘missed targets’, demanding improvements in the name of the people and either directly or by implication, condemning the ‘SNP Government.’ Where targets are hit or even surpassed, as with IVF, drug and alcohol treatment, they are ignored. Where they are approached despite pressure from soaring demand, as in A&E and in cancer treatment, it is never enough for commentators."