Scotland The Welcoming Country

Scotland Protects Unaccompanied Child Asylum Seekers

"In the HOUSE OF LORDS European Union Committee 48th Report of Session 2017–19 HL Paper 428 Brexit: refugee protection and asylum policy, we read: ‘The Refugee Council, for example, noted that unaccompanied children seeking asylum in Scotland and Northern Ireland had access to independent guardians, but that an equivalent service was only available to children in England and Wales who had [and who could prove that they had] experienced modern slavery.’"

Scotland's Pioneering Approach To Supporting Refugee Children

"From the Scottish Refugee Council yesterday: Research being presented today in Glasgow shows that Glasgow Clyde College is leading the way in educating young people who have been trafficked or arrived in Scotland alone seeking asylum….On average, five children arrive in Scotland every month who have been trafficked or are seeking asylum, according to the Scottish Guardianship Service who currently work with over 200 young people….Today, new research will be presented in Glasgow which documents what has been learnt through the 16+ESOL project, the specific needs of separate children, and compares this research against international practice. Scotland has a pioneering approach to supporting separated children, thanks to tireless work by the Scottish Guardianship Service and Glasgow Clyde College."

Funding To Continue For EU Students In Scotland

The Scottish Government will continue to support EU citizens who study a Further or Higher education course in Scotland in the 2020/21 academic year. They will be charged the same tuition fees and will get the same fee support as Scottish students for the entirety of their courses. For most EU students this will mean free tuition.

Scotland Is A Different Place

"To be clear again, a higher percentage of the people living in Scotland seem to hold and be prepared to vote for parties espousing more democratic, egalitarian, collectivist and fairer policies. Around 20% in Scotland seem to prefer more totalitarian, individualistic, competitive values, judging by their support for the Conservative and Brexit parties."