Small, Successful Countries

Scottish Land Reform

"The study also found that a mere 87 landowners control holdings over 1.7 million hectares of Scottish land, with some of those estates remaining under the ownership of the same family for over 400 years.
“In some parts of Scotland,” the SLC concluded, “concentrated land ownership appears to be causing significant and long-term damage to the communities affected.”"

Two Dramatic Signs Of A Better Place

"These are just two signs, but they tell us something about a society. Like the canary in the mine, soaring stillbirth and homicide levels suggest that things are going very wrong. The murder of women, of children or of ethno-religious minorities is often characterised as such a sign, but low homicide rates generally are typical of those societies commonly lauded for their quality of life, such as the Scandinavian countries, Ireland and New Zealand. Similarly, these countries also have the lowest stillbirth levels."

Scotland In Top Half Of NBISM League

‘Conducted annually since 2008, the Anholt-GfK Roper NBISM examines the reputation of 50 countries. Since 2008, the Scottish Government (SG) has used the NBISM to measure Scotland’s reputation internationally. This report provides statistics on Scotland’s reputation along six dimensions of national competence: Exports, Governance, Culture, People, Tourism, and Investment and Immigration. These together provide an overall indication of a Scotland’s reputation.’

Edinburgh & Glasgow In UK Top 5 Cities To Work

They came third and fifth with London and Manchester at 1 and 2. Frankly, I’m astonished that anyone thinks London would a better place to live. This is, of course, from Insider. Here’s a short extract and the usual list of related reports on the attractiveness of Scotland’s cities: ‘The results prove the importance UK workers place on maintaining a healthy work-life balance when considering their place of work. The study, conducted by totaljobs, also shows that the three key motivations for moving within the UK are better lifestyle (42%), increased employment opportunities (38%) and living in a desirable area (32%).’