14 Million Safe Seats Have Not Changed Party Hands Since WW2!

"Across the last three general elections an average of only 99 seats changed hands per general election. This represents an average of 15% of seats changing hands per general election, across the last three. 70 seats changed hands at GE17. YouGov’s MRP suggests just 58 seats could change hands this election". This is why we need electoral reform. Although things are a bit better in the Holyrood elections they are still not as good as they could be. We need a system of single transferable voting in multi-member constituencies across all elections. That is how we can be sure of political compromise and consensus and greater representation for all citizens, not just some.

Citizens' Assemblies

"The Scottish Government is setting up a Citizen’s Assembly most likely to be chaired by ex Labour MEP David Martin....

The randomly selected citizens have been tasked with considering 3 broad issues:

  • what kind of country should Scotland be
  • how can Scotland best overcome challenges, including those arising from Brexit
  • what further work is required to enable people to make informed choices about the future of Scotland

The chosen 120 will be announced in September and will convene in an Assembly over 6 weekends until Spring 2020."

Brexit: "We Let Scots Vote In Our Referendum" Says Tory MP

Bernard Jenkin was delivering a speech on the effects of Brexit on the Devolved Administrations at Queen’s university, Belfast in March this year when he was asked about Northern Ireland voting to remain in the EU. The Conservative MP for Harwich & North Essex replied: “I mean it may seem a tiresome technicality, but it was a United Kingdom referendum and the last time Ireland [sic] voted, they wanted to be part of the United Kingdom – and the same goes for Scotland, we let them vote in our referendum.” He added: “And they helped decide the result for the whole of the United Kingdom.”