Hydrogen Power In An Independent Scotland?

"While we are told we cannot continue to extract the oil and gas at current rates because of climate change it looks like there may be many other options ahead. One such option that seems to be in favour is the production of hydrogen. Production of green hydrogen from seawater utilising hydrolysis, offshore wind farm electricity and existing oilrig and pipeline infrastructure could be on the way."

The Perfect Storm

Professor Tanja Bueltmann - "Breaking the law is not right. I have now witnessed the country I chose to make my home dismantle itself for 4+ years. Sometimes slowly, often at speed. Dismantle what it stood for; dismantle every standard in the land; its reputation. Lies – normalised. Hatred – normalised. The proroguing of Parliament – normalised. Forcing over three million people, neighbours, colleagues, friends and family, to apply to stay or face deportation – normalised. No deal – normalised. Now the breaking of the law is next in line."