Scotland Has Lowest Pay Gap In UK Between Disabled And Non-Disabled

"From A Fairer Scotland for Disabled People Employment Action Plan – Progress Report, released today, we can see that Scotland has the smallest gap between median pay for the disabled and non-disabled. https://www.gov.scot/publications/fairer-scotland-disabled-people-employment-action-plan-progress-report/

This is not the result of median wages for the non-disabled in Scotland being particularly low as Scotland has the highest median pay outside of the South of England and London. And, the above fits in with a wider pattern in Scotland which we can be proud of..."

Is World Leading NHS Care Affordable?

"As a sovereign nation, the UK can always afford high quality universal NHS healthcare. Money is essentially an accounting system designed to facilitate our collective activities and development. Fiscal policy needs to be activated to meet the needs of our society as there is now observable failure of the prevailing reliance on monetary policy and preservation of rent-seeking private interests. It is evidently wrong to assert that healthcare access and quality is limited by the availability of money. The constraint, in truth, has never been the potential availability of money, but the desire to resource the NHS appropriately. In the words of John Maynard Keynes, ‘Anything we can actually do we can afford’."

Sweeping New Government Powers - The Coronavirus Act 2020

"On March 25th 2020 the Coronavirus Bill was enacted. This means it is now an Act. It is the Law and it affects everything you do. All the freedoms you once took for granted have now been laid to one side for 2 years. Link:Coronavirus Act

Introduced to the UK Parliament and endorsed by the Scottish Parliament the Bill was brought in as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic in order to limit the spread of the infection and the loss of life that may arise.

There are been few voices raised in concern at what is included."

Modern Monetary Theory - A Short Guide

"There is now a great deal of discussion of modern monetary theory going on, precisely because it appears that the UK government (and others around the world) are now behaving in the way that it suggests is, and has always been, possible. What MMT says, as far as I am concerned, is as follows..."

So Rail Nationalisation Is Possible After All!

"The sham of rail privatisation has just been exposed. As the FT has announced: "The British government has suspended the UK rail franchise system in a move that effectively nationalises any losses by railway companies for the next six months — in the latest sign of how the coronavirus pandemic is blighting the economy. The Department for Transport announced on Monday morning that it would temporarily end normal franchise agreements and transfer all revenue and cost risk to the government for at least half a year. Operators will continue to run services day-to-day for a small management fee under an “emergency measures agreement”, it said. So, privatisation was always an upside-only bet. I think this is one decision that never need be reversed."