Scotland's Direct European Wealth Comparisons

"This should be enough for people to see that if we were independent and could re-join the EU and control all of our own massive resources and share them with other European countries whilst retaining full fiscal autonomy, there is no doubt in my mind that if I re-ran this blog post after we gain independence and let a few years pass by that we would be ahead of Norway"

Scotland To Build Largest And Most Powerful Single Axis Turbine In The World

"Scottish renewable energy firm Simec Atlantis said today the tidal generation system it designed and built has arrived in Nagasaki harbour, Japan. Simec Atlantis said the AR500 tidal generation system would initially operate at a capped maximum generation output of 500kW, as data collection and device validation are undertaken for the client and Japanese regulatory bodies. It also announced last year plans to build the AR2000 tidal generation system – which would be the largest and most powerful single axis turbine in the world."

Scotland's Smart Borders

“We must think of self-governing Scotland as an independent legal jurisdiction which has internationally recognised legal boundaries. A Customs officer at an immobile Customs Station, in an open-borders 21st Century European community, has very little impact and demonstrates how Unionists miss the point, whilst further; successfully confusing our electorate by claiming “hard borders” are a show-stopper when in fact they are very largely irrelevant.”

England Is Sucking Value From Scotland As Hard As It Can

"Johnson wants to retain Scotland precisely because he knows London needs its economic support. Ignore the rigged data in Government Expenditure and Revenue Scotland. The reality is that little England knows that it is sucking value from Scotland as hard as it can. And it does not want that to stop. And the chance that it might is what petrifies them."