Scotland's Renewable Energy Production Soaring

"From Recharge News, yesterday: "Renewables developer Iberdrola has unveiled plans to wire its 540MW Whitelee wind plant in the Scottish Highlands (sic) together with a solar array, battery facility and the UK’s largest electrolyser to create a new giant hydrogen production complex."  Leaving aside the usual confusion about Scotland’s geography, this is a big deal, to wire together wind, solar and battery facilities to generate industrial-scale volumes of H² (hydrogen)."

World's Largest Offshore Windfarm For Scotland

"In Energy Voice today: The final push for the world’s largest floating wind farm off Aberdeen is underway, with a giant foundation making the first leg of its journey. Boskalis said transportation of the third giant foundation from Spain to the Netherlands last week, later destined for Aberdeen, begins a phase which will see the six-turbine Kincardine Offshore Windfarm 'take shape in the coming months'."

Why Are The Tories So Worried?

"You'd think that a government with a big majority and high on the polls would have little to worry about, and yet the Tories are showing signs of being very worried. How long is it before failings on Brexit and Covid 19 catch up with them, corruption is rumbled and Scotland declares it has had enough, leaving them as the party that killed the country? Their behaviour suggests that they think the answer is 'not long'."
Watch Richard Murphy's video for more.

Indy Myths

"Scotland can't afford to be independent" - "What nonsense! An independent Scotland would thrive".

"Getting rid of Trident would lead to job losses" - "Hundreds of thousands of jobs could be created with the money wasted on these weapons of mass destruction".

"The SNP would be in power for ever after independence" - "The SNP will begin to break up.  We will have new alliances".

"We should wait for a Labour government to be voted in instead of backing independence" - "We just get what England votes for and it's not up to England to decide what kind of government we get in Scotland".

The Basic Income Conversation

"A basic income should go to everyone, so everyone should have their say in what it looks like.  We want to spark a wave of Basic Income Conversations right across the country, embedding the idea into public consciousness.  Basic Income Conversations will spread the word about this big idea, taking basic income to thousands of people for the very first time. These Conversations are designed to increase people’s understanding and improve the quality of debate.  We've created the Basic Income Conversation Toolkit so you can lead the Conversation."

GOING POSTAL (pt1) - "Did You Vote?"

"Did you vote? OK, you probably did but IF you MEANT to but didn't for whatever reason, then the message is for you. It's a bit of fun with a serious point. The YES campaign has lost indy supporting party seats because unionist voters are MUCH better at using a postal vote. WE have to match them if we are to stop unionist MPs winning seats they should have lost. Enjoy and KEEEEEEEEEP VOTING!"