The Cost Of England's Privatised Water

"In a disturbing piece on Channel 4 News last night, we heard: Untreated sewage is being released into rivers across England and Wales – perfectly legally – and campaigners are calling it a ‘dirty little secret’. This programme has now obtained exclusive figures showing how often and for how long it’s happening. Water companies are allowed to release a mixture of rainwater and sewage through special overflow pipes during spells of heavy rain – but we’ve discovered that during 2018 – there were 140,000 spills, lasting a total of 900,000 hours."

But in Scotland...

Scotland's New National Investment Bank

"Scotland will soon have a new bank: The Scottish Investment Bank but it is not the kind of savings bank the we as customers would use on a daily basis. Agreed to by all political parties in the Scottish Parliament on 21st of January 2020, the new bank is about providing investment to stimulate the economy. It also has a strong environmental focus."

Westminster Cannot Block Scottish Independence

"We have two alternatives now – we stand up for ourselves and our inalienable right of self-determination in international law as defined in the UN Charter, or we grovel before Johnson’s smirk and try various “legal” and “constitutional” avenues in terms of the UK’s utterly irrelevant domestic legislation. Which will get us nowhere, slowly.

The time has come for Scottish Independence. With a referendum denied by no fault of ours, we must seize the moment and take the Independence for which they will not let us vote."

London's Rule In Scotland Is A Dictatorship

"Your (Boris Johnson's) letter contains a downright lie. Neither Mr Salmond nor Ms Sturgeon ever made a "personal promise" - Mr Salmond made clear repeatedly that he was merely expressing a "personal view". It was not in the gift of either leader to close off the democratic rights of citizens. You, however, *have* contravened a solemn undertaking made by your political party as part of the post-referendum Smith Agreement. You accepted that the people of Scotland were free to choose independence in the future. Now you say the UK is a prison for the next 50 years. The idea that the people of Scotland would have consciously voted for 50 years of dictatorship in 2014 if they had believed that was on the ballot paper is as ludicrous as it is offensive."

Back To School For George Osborne

"Glasgow has been gradually introducing pupil ‘enhanced nurture units’ at the same schools which the pupil attends. Here pupils, who often have parenting that most of us – either parents or pupils – would regard as nightmarish, are given a bit more love. It turns out that killing with kindness is pretty successful. "