Could Scotland Solve England's Water Crisis?

"Scotland, in simple terms, is a water-rich nation whereas England is not. Loch Ness, one of Scotland’s 27,000 freshwater lochs, contains more water than all rivers and lakes in England and Wales combined.  Scotland also possesses more than 125,000km of rivers to boost its supply.  Overall, Scotland’s rivers, lochs, ponds and canals contain over 90% of freshwater in the UK."

New Technology Could Be A Game Changer

"A breakthrough in renewable energy could see Scotland becoming one of the largest global energy exporters in the world. New technology, pioneered in Australia, enables the production of low-cost ammonia, which can easily be stored, shipped and turned into hydrogen and is becoming a key green energy source. If implemented in Scotland it could be the country’s main source of energy and create a knowledge economy."

8% Of The UK Population But 28% Of The UK Wind Energy

You’ll see that Energy Voice has concentrated on the UK performance: ‘Onshore and offshore wind farms in the UK supplied 35.6% of electricity generation, more than gas (31.2%) and nuclear (21.3%) between Friday 8 and Thursday 14 March. On its own, offshore wind generated 21.4% of all electricity required last week.’https://www.energyvoice.com/otherenergy/194981/blustery-week-sees-uk-wind-energy-take-generation-top-spot/. A quick calculation reveals that Scotland produces 28.5% of all of the UK’s wind-powered electricity generation.

Scotland Must Have Its Own Currency On Day One Of Independence

"Any period using sterling would be deeply damaging to a newly independent Scotland, meaning it could not create its own economic, monetary and fiscal policies, in turn meaning that it might well have less real power than Holyrood now because the reality would be that all power would lie in London. What is more, under EU rules it has to have its own currency to apply for membership. So it would fail there too. If the SNP is serious about independence there is only one option available to it, and that is its own currency from day one. Otherwise it will be trapped in dependency forever, which is the exact opposite of what it says it wants."