Use Your Judgement: Easing Out Of Lockdown

"Scots have been urged to use their judgement in interpreting  the Route Map published by the Scottish Government on Thursday 21st of May. Covid19 framework for decision making Scotlands route map through and out of the crisis

The Route Map lays out phases that would allow Scotland to come out of lockdown carefully whilst continuing to suppress the Covid19 Virus. It relies on the R number (the rate of transmission) remaining low – for 3 weeks it has been between 0.7 and 1."

Scotland's Route Map: Test And Protect

"The advice this week from the Scottish Government continues to be to Stay at Home to Protect yourselves and others. Published on Thursday 21st of May was the plan to phase out of lockdown hopefully from Thursday 28th of May. It was further announced that schools in Scotland will return with a ‘blended model’ of educational delivery on 11th of August. 

All of this depends on the R number – the rate of transmission of Covid19 remaining well below 1. It is estimated that for three weeks it has been between 0.7 and 1.0. This is primarily due to Scotland being in lockdown for 9 weeks which has prevented onward transmission of the virus."

Food Standards And Farming Under Threat

"In Scotland where grass fed cattle produce the finest of beef it would have been expected that MPs representing farming constituencies made sure that the interests of the industry came first – way above party politics. Unfortunately this did not happen. Tory MPs representing Scottish Constituencies voted with the Government with the result that lower standards of food will be allowed to be sold in our shops. These products will be cheaper making it extremely difficult, impossible really, for quality Scottish food to compete. A trade deal with the US will flood our market with food the EU would not have permitted due to the chemicals it contains."