GERS Has To Go!

"What this then all means, as David argues, is that anyone using this statement (GERS) to claim Scotland is running deficits, or cannot afford independence, or any other such line is simply wrong. A wholly artificial account created for a political goal cannot do anything except, perhaps, discredit those who created it."

Brexit... The Worst Is Yet To Come

"The UK government, despite having had five long years to prepare and insisting that the deal just had to be done, was strangely enough not ready for Brexit and so kicked many of its provisions down the road. But these are about to be introduced throughout 2022, meaning that all the damage of the first year will be just a taster for what’s to come. " Read on and weep!

Scotland - 8% Of The UK Population But 24% Of The Renewable Electricity Production

"From UK Government data today, we can see that with only 8% of the population, Scotland has generated 23.7% of all electricity generated from renewable sources in 2020. Readers may remember that for gas it’s 8% of the population and 28% of the production. It’s also 8% of the population and 15% of the social housing and 46% of the trees. The 8% meme, once a favourite here, has been neglected in the last few years so here’s a reminder of some..."

Campaign To Unseat 44 Tory MPs

"Now an article in the Mirror indicates the Movement has issued a list of 44 Tory MPs it intends to target, using a strongly-worded advertisement campaign based on three areas their polling indicates could sway voters: animal welfare, environment and food standards such as the possible UK acceptance of foods like chlorinated chicken. The full list includes a number of Scottish Tories – Alister Jack, Andrew Bowie, David Duguid, David Mundell, Douglas Ross, and John Lamont. Let’s hope local pro-EU activists in these areas can add their own weight to this campaign."

Better Together Lies From 2014

1. Only a No vote will protect your pension.

2. You can only guarantee Scotland's EU membership by staying in the UK.

3. Scotland will get federalism if we reject independence

4. If Scotland votes No it ould lead the UK rather than leave it.

5. Independence would cause an additional wave of austerity to families.

6. We love you Scotland.

7. An independent Scotland can't use the pound.

8. Independence would cause the return of roaming charges.

9. Boris Johnson will never become prime minister.

Forget About 2014

"Nostalgia about how great 2014 won’t help us win next time. Fight the campaign of today not the campaign of yesterday. The political landscape, the figures and personalities of 2014 have all gone. Scotland and Britain are very different places in 2021."  Read on...