Yes Moffat's "Future of Independence" Event

On 11 May 2024 Dgp4indy and the Dumfries and Galloway Indy Hub Van will be in Moffat supporting Yes Moffat's "Future of Independence" event.  Come and find us and have a chat.  Despite all the political shenanigans going on in Westminster and Holyrood the desire for independence for Scotland hasn't gone away and is as strong as ever!

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Dumfries stall on 16 March 2024

Or stall was visited by a lot of people on 16 March.  And a large majority of them thought that Scotland should be an independent country!Stall 160324-1-min.jpeg


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Dgp4indy Meetings

Dumfries and Galloway Pensioners for Independence cordially invite you to our meetings in Lochthorn Library from 2.00 pm until 4.00 pm.  Our next meetings are on 18 April, 23 May and 13 June.  All are welcome, and it's free to join our growing band of older folk who long for independence for Scotland.

Dgp4indy Stalls are Coming Back

Dumfries and Galloway Pensioners for Independence will be in Dumfries Town Centre to speak to you on Saturday 16 March and Saturday 13 April.

You can join our campaigning group of oldies for free any time you like.

Why Repaying The National Debt Is Not A Good Idea

"The truth is that the national debt is fundamental to the success of our economy because it provides us with our national money supply, and we cannot survive without that. Those suggesting we can either limit this so-called debt, do without it, or repay it, must be treated with suspicion. What they propose not only threatens the entire public sector of the UK, but also the economic viability of the country as a whole. It is for them to justify why they would wish to do that."

Rue Britannia!

"The people of Britain have delivered a damning verdict on Brexit four years on from leaving the European Union. An exclusive Ipsos poll for the Evening Standard released on Wednesday found 57 per cent of adults in the country believe Brexit has been more of a failure, with just 13 per cent saying more of a success."

Brexit Import Controls Will Hurt Scottish Businesses

"The UK economy continues to suffer from Brexit damage in many areas – the slump in exports, the higher cost of imports, the UK’s skewed balance of payments, the loss of structural funds, the seasonal workforce and science funds. But within the UK, the English electorate has full sway. Scotland didn’t vote for Brexit but that didn’t matter to Westminster. Scotland is being damaged – but the UK political parties don’t have anything to offer. The only path for Scotland to rejoin the EU is through independence."

The Cost Of Brexit.

"Brexit has cost the UK £140bn so far, according to new analysis, and could see the nation £311bn worse off by the middle of the next decade, according to a new report."

Banks Create Money Out Of Thin Air!

"Here we're advised by the Norges Bank, the Bank of Norway, that "When you borrow from a bank, the bank credits your bank account. The deposit – the money – is created by the bank the moment it issues the loan. The bank does not transfer the money from someone else’s bank account or from a vault full of money. The money lent to you by the bank has been created by the bank itself – out of nothing: fiat – let it become. The money created by the bank does not disappear when it leaves your account. If you use it to make a payment, it is just transferred to the recipient’s account. The money is only removed from circulation when someone uses their deposits to repay a bank, as when we make a loan repayment... To sum up: banks create money out of nothing and withdraw it when loans are repaid."