A "Harsh & Uncaring" UK - The Alston Report

Professor Alston lays the blame for the appalling levels of poverty in the UK firmly with the austerity agenda driven by successive UK Governments since 2010 – so that’s both Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs who in a coalition pact went about destroying the ‘social safety‘ net of the UK’s welfare system.......

14 million people in the UK are today living in poverty that’s 1/5 of the population. And of that number 1.5 million cannot even afford the basics to survive. This is a UK state, which despite being the 5th largest economy in the world, is not just failing its people, it is destroying the very fabric of society.

Scotland's Massive Visitor Increase

From news.gov.scot today:

  • The number of European visitors to Scotland increased by 19% in 2018, according to official statistics released today.
  • Overall there was a 10% increase in visits from overseas tourists and a 1.2% increase in domestic (Great Britain) overnight visits to Scotland.
  • These increases compare to a 3% decrease in overseas tourism visits and a 6% decrease in overseas expenditure for the UK as a whole.

10 Questions For Those Who Want A Hard Brexit

"Hard Brexit is then not about giving up rules. It’s all about adopting different rules. Rules that cost jobs. And impose cost on business. And harm their cash flows, which could send many under. And which means we breach our legal obligations in Ireland, making new deals with anyone nigh on impossible. Whilst protecting UK public services from abuse will be exceptionally hard. And enforcing the law will be much more difficult. And this summary only scratches the surface of the issues. This is not project fear. It’s the reality of a ruinously harmful proposal that only the insane, the uninformed and the stupidly reckless would promote."

Prospectus For An Independent Scotland

"In just a few pages we have analysed 20 different subjects from the Currency to Pensions, Farming and Fishing to Sport and Leisure. Each topic sets out in two parts “what needs to happen” and, additionally “what we could achieve” - hopefully something for everyone to read through and review."