Scottish Daily Express Lied

"Despite the headlines from Scotland’s MSM (Express in April 2019 above) the truth is somewhat different when you consider the evidence. Indeed, the Express headline is a barefaced lie. From the IFS yesterday...School spending per pupil is highest in Scotland, lowest in Northern Ireland. Total school spending per pupil was about £6,600 in Scotland in 2018–19. This is £600 higher than spending per pupil in England (£6,000), with spending per pupil in Wales £200 lower at £5,800. Spending per pupil was lowest in Northern Ireland, at £5,500 per pupil."

Asylum Seeker Denied Cancer Treatment By Home Office Dies

"It’s the latest, however, in signs that England is drifting away from its long traditions of universal health care, formalised by the 1945 Labour Government, and away from their survival in Scotland. In the Guardian on September 9th: The safety of vulnerable mothers and newborn babies is being put at risk by NHS fees that deter undocumented migrant women from accessing care, a new report from Maternity Action backed by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) has warned. NHS packages for overseas pregnant women start at £7,000 for antenatal, pregnancy and postnatal care, but can rise to thousands of pounds if the mother or child experience complications."

Scotland's Free Personal Care Policy Recognised

"A key benefit of free personal care is its potential to increase the number of people receiving care at home (where they would face no costs whatsoever) and decrease the number of people in care homes. Primarily this would be achieved because free personal care is a much simpler policy to understand. This should mean individuals are more willing to engage with it, without the fear of racking up vast costs. This should also mean that people are more likely to engage with the system at an earlier stage before their care needs develop to the point that they are so severe residential care is needed. This has been proven to be the case in Scotland where free personal care was introduced for older people in 2002."

Hydro Power Grows By 29% In Three Years

"From Scotland: The Hydro Nation Annual Report 2019 published today in good time for Reporting Scotland at 6.30: In July 2019 Scottish Enterprise published new, independent research which shows the impact of the sector in Scotland; it employs 16,600 direct jobs, has a turnover of £3.7 billion and exports of £170 million. The sector overall has grown by an impressive 29% in the past 3 years, whilst over 60% of companies have plans for growth. These are extremely encouraging figures, and within the sector once again Scottish Water continues to perform strongly and is a real public sector success story."

Continuity Of Medical Supplies: A Personal Viewpoint

"It is only a matter of weeks now until the UK leaves the EU and it is looking more likely than ever that this will be with no deal being agreed. For many months advice and information has been published by both the UK and the Scottish Government about preparations being made for Brexit and in particular if there should be no deal reached."

93% of Scots Can See Their GP Within 2 Days!

"Over 130,000 individuals registered with a GP practice in Scotland responded to the 2017/18 Health and Care Experience Survey. The survey asked about people’s experiences of accessing and using their GP practice and other local healthcare services; receiving care, support and help with everyday living; and caring responsibilities. The main results from the 2017/18 survey are...."

Funding The Green New Deal

"The Green New Deal will deliver long-term security:

  • For people;
  • For jobs;
  • For the environment;
  • For our savings;
  • For young people;
  • For pensioners;
  • For the services we all rely on.

The Green New Deal is the way to the world we need to live in."

Scottish Funeral Benefit For Those On Low Income

"From holyrood.com:A new benefit to help people on low incomes pay for the costs of a funeral will be available from next week, the Scottish Government has announced. The funeral support payment launches on 16 September and has three elements: burial or cremation costs; a flat rate £700 toward expenses including funeral director fees, coffin and flowers; and some transport costs. It will be available for recipients of universal credit, income support, income-based jobseeker’s allowance, pension credit, housing benefit, child tax credit and disability or severe disability elements of the working tax credit. https://www.holyrood.com/articles/news/new-scottish-funeral-benefit-launches-next-week It’s only one thing, but together with many other emerging differences between Scotland and rUK, the first days of a better country are surely in the past."

Scotland's North Sea Producing More Commercial Innovation Than Anywhere Else

In Energy Voice yesterday: The North Sea is producing more commercial innovations than any other part of the world, according to a boss at Baker Hughes GE (BHGE). Romain Chambault, European director for oilfield equipment, said he has been impressed with the level of resilience the region has shown in the wake of the downturn. He added that the type of innovation has gone beyond technical, with new ways of working with partners.

NHS Scotland's IVF Service Is 100%

In the Guardian yesterday: NHS bosses have apologised for justifying denying single women IVF treatment by saying they would be a burden to society and “unable to bring out the best outcomes for the child”: NHS South East London has said sorry for the “offence and distress” it caused, which prompted 175 single mothers to complain about its “misguided and offensive” language. Guidance explaining the policy was based on a document it had put together that stated: “Single mothers are generally poorer; they are likely to have greater support needs compared to two-parent couples, thereby placing a greater burden on society in general. Aristotle’s principle of equality says treat equals equally, so a couple compared to a couple is equal. A woman or man compared to a couple is not equal, and by attempting to think of them as such has no ground or support.” It added: “A sole woman is unable to bring out the best outcomes for the child.” https://www.theguardian.com/society/2019/sep/09/nhs-bosses-apologise-calling-single-mothers-burden-society Once more there is a different approach in Scotland. An IVF service which has been 100% successful for 5 years in a row will have had immeasurable benefits reducing both the human and financial costs of infertility. More on this below.

Scottish English Border Information

"Scotland’s Gateways is a team of volunteers from across the south of Scotland, who have worked for many months to create a source of information about the Scotland/England border, including how it works now and how it may work in the future. This is a very important topic which tends to be either ignored, or misrepresented. We will address this topic, filling this gap with a reliable resource. We hope to provide reassurance about many day to day issues affecting those who live, work, trade or travel across the border."