3000+ Families To Benefit From Extension Of Free Bus Pass

The Scottish Government has confirmed that the concessionary travel scheme will remain unchanged for those 60+. Also under consideration is extending the scheme to provide free bus travel for Modern Apprentices. Concern grew when opposition politicians raised the fear that the free bus pass for the 60+ age group was to be removed as the result of an extensive Government consultation. This, however, has turned out to be unfounded and not only will the concessionary pass be continued for that age group but it will be enhanced. A person accompanying  eligible disabled children aged under five will also be eligible for free bus travel. It is estimated that this will benefit over 3,000 families.

Scots Want Public Ownership Of Bus Services

58 PER CENT of SCOTS believe bus services should be run by public operators, a new poll has found, increasing pressure on new Transport Secretary Michael Matheson to take action.  The Panelbase poll, commissioned by the Scottish Greens, found only 15 per cent believe buses should be run by private firms, with the remainder saying they don't know. 

The poll also reveals a huge backing for public ownership among SNP voters, with 73 per cent in favour and just 9 per cent against.  64 per cent of Labour voters backed public ownership, while nearly half - 46 per cent – of Tory voters wanted publicly run bus services, with just one-quarter of Conservative voters (26 per cent) backing private-run bus services.

New Scottish Transport Bill

The Bill covers:

  • Low emission zones
  • Bus services
  • Ticketing arrangements and schemes
  • Pavement parking and double parking
  • Road works
  • Financing of Regional Transport Partnerships
  • Canals


If It's So Bad On Scotrail Why So Few Complaints?

"83 people wrote to complain about lack of punctuality and other problems on Scotrail services. Out of context, I suppose it seems quite a lot but there were 97.8 million passenger journeys in 2018. Even if we generously estimate the total number of passengers to around that figure divided by 300 (everyone on the train 300 days a year), we still have around 326 000 passengers. If only 83 of them were mad (angry) enough to write to the PM after a highly publicised invitation and media campaign to demonise Scotrail, that’s a miserable 0.025%!"