How The UK Loads Debt Onto Scotland

"So, with no borrowing powers, Scotland could not gave accrued debt, and even as a region of the U.K., it has always been in surplus. Even under the worst governance imaginable in an independent Scotland, we would have been better off than we are now. All GERS ever shows is how badly the Union has failed Scotland."

Why don't the Scottish Government wise up to this and stop behaving as if GERS are gospel?  Why don't they produce proper staistics of their own to show Scotland's true economic health.

How Would An Independent Scotland Pay for it?

"It’s that time of year again when unionists start spreading lies about how an independent Scotland is subsidised by taxpayers money from the rest of the United Kingdom. This is an argument that supporters of independence have often struggled to tackle. In fact a recent YouGov poll found that, despite a majority saying they would vote Yes, one of the weakest arguments on independence was the economy.

There are may reasons for this, but today we’ll touch on just one, which is important. Right now unionists have complete control of the narrative. By using GERS each year they propose the argument that Scotland’s high government deficit is bad for us and that we rely on taxes to fund our spending. Instead of actually debunking this argument we accept it. We agree with unionists that our deficit is bad and we agree that we need taxes to fund our spending. So we’re forced on the defensive to prove to them that we can lower the deficit.

This is completely and utterly wrong. So now it’s time to turn the tables."  Now read on...

It's Time For GERS To Go

Another cracking blog by Professor Murphy. Well worth reading. Come on SNP!
"First, the SNP needs to announce a plan to replace GERS as being no longer fit for purpose, come what may.
Second, the SNP needs to embrace the idea of its own currency and running deficits post-independence.
And third, it needs to make clear that its vision of Scotland post-independence is not as a continuation of what is happening now, or why bother? Playing with GERS suggests that somehow not much will really change, and that is a serious mistake.
Accounting is, then, deeply political. GERS is a statement about Scottish dependence. Of course those who want to belittle the country love it. It’s time Scottish nationalist politicians of all allegiances realised that and got rid of it."