GERS Has To Go!

"What this then all means, as David argues, is that anyone using this statement (GERS) to claim Scotland is running deficits, or cannot afford independence, or any other such line is simply wrong. A wholly artificial account created for a political goal cannot do anything except, perhaps, discredit those who created it."

GERS For Dummies.

A simple and amusing video showing why the annual GERS (General Expenditure and Revenue Scotland) statement says nothing about the finances of an independent Scotland.  

Why GERS Is Not True

"This deficit, more accurately described as ‘notional’ by the Fraser of Allan Institute, is based on the GERS figures. These figures were specifically developed in the 1990s to counter the case for independence. They are almost all estimates. No one knows what the Scottish Government’s tax revenue would be. They include the cost of debt due to the UK’s trade imbalance over decades despite Scotland’s longstanding trade surplus. They include the cost of Trident, aircraft carriers and cruise missiles, we would never need or want to have. The data is manipulated to suggest Scotland is less viable than the other parts of the UK. See Prof Richard Murphy’s demolition of the case..."

The Scottish Subsidy To London Should Stop Now

"Scotland has problems because London has made them by diverting resources to the south-east of England and yet still charges Scotland for their use whilst denying Scotland any significant revenue-generating investment opportunities or support. My suggestion is that this will continue until Scotland says no to it doing so by declaring itself independent."