Oil & Gas

Scotland's Oil & Gas Expertise Will Help Abroad

‘The chief executive of Ghana’s Petroleum Commission has said Aberdeen will play a “vital part” in the country’s upcoming “oil boom”. Ghana is set to award nine licensing rounds in the lead up to next April, with opportunities for “supermajors, contractors and service providers”. Ghana’s laws mean any company wishing to execute a contract in its upstream sector has to create a joint venture with an indigenous Ghanaian company, with the latter getting at least 10% equity.’

Oil Industry Employment Jumps To Record Levels

"Aberdeen’s workforce has officially “bounced back” to near-record levels after plummeting during the oil and gas crash. New figures have confirmed the Granite City lost 9,000 workers as it witnessed the sharpest decline in employment rates in Scotland in 2016. However, just a year later it experienced the most dramatic increase in the country, rising by 8,300 employees. And the 123,900 workers in the city last year was the second highest on record, just a few hundred below its peak in 2015."