Scottish Independence Economics

"Richard Murphy’s retort to Andrew Neill (high-paid BBC employee and political campaigner) is worth a fresh look. Currency and debt is a key battleground in the next phase of the democracy movements battle for self-determination. The debate unmasks the stale economic dead-certainties of the British establishment, but also much of the conservative instincts of the SNP. One of the funniest aspects to this is the mismatch of readings. The Unionist analysis (driven by a fair amount of self-conceit) is sure that this is the weakest link in defence against the now resurgent Scottish independence movement. The Scottish Government, still bruised by the encounter in 2014 agrees, but in doing so makes the situation far worse by advocating Sterlingisation.  The Unionist don’t realise what they think their strongest card is actually their weakest. The Scottish Government doesn’t realise what they think is their weakest card is actually their highest. One side is blinded by over-confidence, the other by over-caution."