The Government Can Create All the Money We Need

"But there is one bank that can never run out of money. And that is a central bank of a government that has its own sovereign currency, such as the Bank of England in the UK. The Bank of England can always pay. It can never fail. Because as the creator of all money, it can simply mark up its account with the government, and issue some more currency at will whenever it wants. The relationship between the Bank of England and the government is crucial here. The Bank can always lend what the government wants. So there need never be a shortage of money, most especially in situations of the type that now exist."

Some Important Facts

"In almost every area of public life, in almost every public service, from the NHS to policing, the evidence is there to prove that Scotland and by obvious association the SNP Government, is running this country far better than the Unionist parties in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Independent sources such as the UN and the Nuffield Trust often praise the Scottish Government’s actions while condemning those of the UK Government.

Here is a list of only 184 facts..."

Selling Off The NHS

"Yesterday (21 July 2020) Westminster MPs voted down an amendment to the Trade Bill that would have stopped the UK Government being able to sell off the NHS to American companies in order to secure a post-Brexit trade deal.  Labour, which told Scotland that the NHS was safe within the Union, tried to insert a passage – ‘New Clause 17’ – into the Trade Bill to provide cast iron protections for the NHS in post-Brexit trade negotiations.  However, the Amendment supported by all of Scotland’s SNP MPs and its single Labour MP was defeated by 340 votes to 251, after Tory ministers insisted it wasn’t needed and, in a Gordon Brown-esque attack, described Labour’s claims as “myths”."

Why Wearing A Face Mask Is Important

"Wearing a face mask/covering does not protect you. It protects others. It is a small thing you can do as an individual to protect others from the transmission of the deadly virus Covid19. It is highly recommended that people in Scotland wear a face mask/covering in indoor spaces and shops.  You can make your own – and there are lots of patterns out there on how to do so. How to make a mask"


Scotland Won't Need To Repay The UK's National Debt

"These arguments lead to at least three conclusions. 

The first is that Scotland does not have any obligation to compensate  England any part of the  so-called UK national debt as agent for the rest of the UK because no part of that debt can at present be attributed to Scotland.

The second conclusion is that even if Scotland did have a notional liability owing to the rest of the UK  the capital balance on the loan would not need repayment because there is no indication that the remaining UK will be repaying any of its debt, and therefore there is no reason for Scotland to make payment to the rest of the UK for something that they will not be doing.

Third, even if debt was due right now it would be the case that around £19bn was due to Scotland."