Rory The Tory Says No Deal Brexit Would Crush Farmers

"A No-deal Brexit would “crush” Cumbrian farmers and must be prevented at all costs, insists MP Rory Stewart after resigning from the cabinet over the issue. The Penrith and The Border MP returned to the back benches this week after quitting as International Development Secretary."

And not just Cumbrian farmers of course!

Scotland Is A Different Place

"To be clear again, a higher percentage of the people living in Scotland seem to hold and be prepared to vote for parties espousing more democratic, egalitarian, collectivist and fairer policies. Around 20% in Scotland seem to prefer more totalitarian, individualistic, competitive values, judging by their support for the Conservative and Brexit parties."

Scotland "The Saudi Arabia Of Tidal Power"

"In Energy Voice yesterday: An Aberdeen-headquartered firm has agreed a multi-million deal to construct a ground-breaking new tidal turbine from its port-side facility in Dundee. Texo Group, who employ 35 staff in Dundee, said the deal with Orkney-based Orbital Marine Power to manufacture its new O2 tidal turbine will look to create up to 100 jobs at the firm. The deal is understood to be a substantial portion of the overall build cost, which is between £8-9 million. Texo Group’s managing director, Robert Dalziel, said the deal would show the “very best” in Scottish engineering as the firm switches over from oil and gas to renewables. Orbital Marine Power, formerly Scotrenewables, reported an industry benchmark last August as its SR2000 tidal turbine generated more power in the past year than the entire Scottish marine energy sector managed in the 12 years prior to its launch."