Knife Crime In Scottish Schools Much Lower Than In UK Schools

Police Scotland have reported that there were 7 detections of having a bladed/pointed article in Scottish schools in 2018/2019, up one from 2017/2018: A Freedom of Information request by 5 News in August 2019 was necessary to reveal the figures for the UK as a whole. There were 1 144 cases. The UK figure, all things being equal, should be around 80 but is more than 1 144, so the rate, per head, is around 14 times higher. Though Scotland seems to have been included in the survey, the only mention in the Independent coverage, of Scotland, was this: A Scottish Government spokesman said: “Scotland has adopted a public health approach to violent crime, tackling the underlying causes of violence and not just the symptoms. Our approach to knife crime, focusing on prevention, is recognised across the UK and internationally as making a real difference in keeping people safer.”