Modern Monetary Theory

The Road To A Scottish Currency

"The idea of waiting for the perfect moment to start introducing a currency while a comfortable soundbite is not workable in the real world. It is like starting a family or getting married. You can set yourselves all the tests in the world; am I earning enough? is our future secure? have we minimised all risks? But there is no perfect time. Sometimes you have to believe in yourself."

Modern Monetary Theory From A Scottish Perspective

MMT Scotland is an advocacy group for Modern Monetary Theory within a Scottish perspective. Our aim is to deliver accurate and accessible knowledge of monetary and financial systems to the broader public. We believe that there is widespread ignorance in the media and political sphere about what money is and how it operates. To challenge this, we will create a free educational resource that provides a realistic framework for understanding the modern monetary system.‚Äč

Don't Put London Bankers In Charge Of Scotland's Independence

"I would have thought Mackay would be frustrated enough with the absurd constraints he has to live with now. But to use sterling would make his life nigh on impossible. Why then does he want to go down that route? I wish I knew. Economically it makes no sense. The political economy of it is disastrous. It would tear the SNP apart after independence. And it would guarantee a crisis-strewn start for the new nation as it failed to deliver on any promise and all its potential.If Scotland wants to be free it has to have its own currency. Nothing less will do." - Professor Richard Murphy.