Business Confidence At 15 Month Low In Rest Of UK

In the Independent today: ‘Business optimism has hit its lowest level since May 2017, when Theresa May announced a snap general election, according to new research. The decline comes as key questions on the UK’s trading relationship with the EU after Brexit remain unanswered and the government ramps up preparations for no deal. ​BDO’s Optimism Index, which shows how businesses expect output to develop in the next three to six months, declined by 0.43 points in August to stand at 101.93.’ https://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/business-confidence-falls-brexit-trade-no-deal-scenario-bdo-survey-a8529786.html .

Meanwhile, only ten days ago, in the Scottish part of the UK, not run by the Tories, Labour or the DUP: ‘Business confidence among firms in Scotland has remained steady for a second month in a row, a survey suggests. Economic optimism stood at 9% in August, an increase of seven points on the previous month, according to the Bank of Scotland’s Business Barometer.’