180% Increase In Scottish Warehouse Demand

"It’s in data like this, unlike the almost useless GDP figures or GERS estimates, that you see objective indicators of good health in the Scottish economy. It’s a no-brainer that increased demand for warehouse space means more economic activity, more jobs and more tax revenue. See this in Insider today: Demand for warehouses in Scotland passed 360,966 sq ft for the last six months, the strongest start since 2016 and an 180% increase on the full year figure for 2018, according to data from Savills. Take-up has mainly consisted of second-hand units which accounted for 67% of all space transacted. Of the available units on the market in Scotland, 90% is within the 100,000-200,000 sq ft size category, while just 11% of the total available space is of grade A quality."