Tax In An Independent Scotland

"In summary, the Scottish Growth Commission report might not seem to say much on tax, and leaves the issue open for further debate. But what it does say embraces a great deal of right wing thinking and hints at Scotland partaking in tax competition, taxing business and wealth at low levels, and imposing most demand on the working people of the country. I would suggest that is not what Scotland expects. Further debate is very definitely required." - Professor Richard Murphy.

Successful Countries Don’t Allow This Sort Of Thing.

CommonSpace has analysed the 11 billionaires on the list and how they made their wealth, and found that “vision and tireless endeavour” is not exactly a complete portrayal of the factors involved in becoming the richest of the rich: control over Scottish natural resources, tax avoidance/evasion and questionable employment practises have all played their part. Most have also used their accumulated wealth and power to influence Scottish and UK politics, while many had the good fortune of inheritance to get to where they are.