Claim That Scotland If Highest Taxed Part Of UK Is Mostly False

"Boris Johnson’s claim that Scotland has the highest taxes anywhere in the UK is misleading. He is accurate that Scotland’s top band tax rates are higher than other UK nations but these affect those earning over £27,000, which the Scottish Government estimates to be around 45 per cent of the country. Scotland also has lower council tax bills due to a nine-year freeze on rates."

Funding The Green New Deal

"My point is this: the reallocation of capital is possible. The evidence is that tax has a massive influence on how people save. And right now the vast majority of the benefit of the tax subsidy that savings get goes to the wealthy, the financial services industry and those who speculate in land and buildings. This is not socially useful activity and it is a dire waste of tax subsidy. So we need to reallocate that tax subsidy to align tax policy with what has to now be the biggest priority of society - which is saving the planet. That is all I am suggesting: that we shift the subsidies that we offer from banks and financial services companies and speculators to the creation of real work for people who need it creating the sustainable future that we must have. And I suggest that we can fund a Green New Deal as a result."

What Are Taxes Actually For?

Taxes are important. Just not for the reasons that are often talked about. Taxes exist for a number of reasons:

To maintain the value of the currency; To stabilise aggregate demand;To manage growth and distribute wealth and, depending on what you think government is for and who it exists to serve, ensure prosperity and equality of opportunity for their constituents; To discourage bad behaviours (taxation on cigarettes, for example, are designed to discourage smoking and reduce the burden on health systems) & encourage good behaviours, (like promoting sustainability through a tax on carbon and investment in renewable energy); It also exists to accurately cost public spending requirements: infrastructure, education, health, public safety: police, fire, ambulance, defence, intelligence etc.