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Scottish Fishing Betrayed Again By Tory Government

Scottish fishing communities who voted Tory in the 2017 general election in expectation of foreign boats being denied access to UK waters look set to be betrayed. According to former SNP MP Angus Robertson, a leaked document shows the UK government is set to sign up to a common fisheries agreement with the EU that includes ‘access to waters and quota shares’.

Brexit Concerns Over Scotland's Seed Potatoes

Scotland produces 80% of the UK’s seed potatoes. It’s an excellent industry with many years of expertise producing a quality product where 13.5% of its sales are to the EU.... (Brexit) means that seed potatoes from Scotland will lose their EU market – they will not be allowed to sell their products in the EU as they did before. They will have to rely on sales within the UK to make up this loss.  BUT to make matters worse  EU countries will be able to export their seed potatoes without hindrance onto the UK market.

Gin Festival Worth £500k To Scottish Distillers

The second Scottish Gin Festival has been launched, in time to take advantage of the upcoming festive season. Scottish distillers throughout the country will benefit from a combined business deal worth £500,000. Eight artisan producers will bring more than nine different gins to Lidl’s 95 Scottish stores. The Festival follows a hugely popular initial spring promotion, which sold at a rate of more than 130 bottles per hour in the first week of sales.