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Farming Matters: The Age Of Unreason

"A hard Brexit was, a year ago, unthinkable. Today it’s the frontrunner in a one-horse race. These are the worst of times.
“We will look at this issue in the round and make sure there’s adequate food supplies. It would be wrong to describe it as the government doing the stockpiling” (Dominic Raab).
These words should chill us to the very bone, given that they were uttered by a Brexit secretary who believes that foodbank users are not hungry but simply suffering a cashflow problem. Adequate food? Five hundred thousand weans rely on foodbanks while living in the world’s sixth largest economy. Forgive me for questioning the UK government’s competency- or desire – to feed its people after March 30th, 2019, when they can’t – won’t – do it today."

Lack Of Brexit Clarity About Protected Named Status

“The time is right for us to see some concrete assurances from the UK Government that not only do you consider GIs and protection of our world-renowned produce of great importance and will seek to continue the protection offered by holding the status, but that the UK Government will give them their rightful place at the forefront of future trade negotiations." Fergus Ewing.

Farming Matters

"Normally such an upbeat and positive speaker, Quality Meat Scotland chief Jim McClaren’s message could not have been starker. He outlined a “doomsday scenario” for the sheep industry . Loss of markets to major trading partners. Unrestricted imports from other countries. Michael Gove had, he said, already written off the sheep industry as a bargaining chip in negotiations for future trade deals. The Scottish sheep sector’s reliance on export market – mainly to Europe – could not be underestimated, as only 10% of Scottish produced lamb stays in Scotland."