Misleading Scotsman Headline About Homeless Children

In the Scotsman today (30 July 2018) we read ‘Damning report reveals 38 children made homeless in Scotland each day’. Headlines matter. For accuracy, it should have been ’38 children in temporary accommodation in Scotland each day.’ So, the Scotsman headline might leave you with the unpleasant image of 38 bairns on the street with nowhere to go. (T)the lack of context, in the article as a whole, can leave the reader thinking things are worse than they are. Homelessness is a smaller problem in Scotland than in the non-Scottish parts of the UK. See these for more detail: As the number of the employed yet homeless soars in Southern England it is falling and much lower in Scotland.  SNP Government to fund frontline efforts to help hardcore of street homeless while Ruth Davidson goes from baking show to celebrity list membership games and our media rats sniff the sewer air for SNP-bad aroma