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Game Changer! Serco Can't Change Locks Without Permission

A housing association which rents property to Serco have said the company would be in breach of contract if it made unauthorised changes to fixtures and fittings. Growing resistance to the threatened evictions of over 300 asylum seekers in Glasgow has prompted a temporary retreat by Serco, with a number of housing associations who lease properties to the company saying they will oppose the move. 

Scottish Government Support For EU Citizens Living In Scotland

” it is important that EU citizens who apply for settled status fully understand their different rights of appeal depending on when they apply. We understand that they will have a right to request an administrative review if they apply before March 2019. However those who apply after March 2019 will be entitled to a statutory right of appeal and it is vital that EU citizens are clear about their options before they apply." Fiona Hyslop, Scottish External Affairs Secretary.