Scotland The Welcoming Country

Scotland Is A Different Place

"To be clear again, a higher percentage of the people living in Scotland seem to hold and be prepared to vote for parties espousing more democratic, egalitarian, collectivist and fairer policies. Around 20% in Scotland seem to prefer more totalitarian, individualistic, competitive values, judging by their support for the Conservative and Brexit parties."

Funding To Continue For EU Students In Scotland

The Scottish Government will continue to support EU citizens who study a Further or Higher education course in Scotland in the 2020/21 academic year. They will be charged the same tuition fees and will get the same fee support as Scottish students for the entirety of their courses. For most EU students this will mean free tuition.

Has The Second Scottish Enlightenment Begun?

"As England’s poor, disabled and sick, twist in the wind of the former home secretary’s hostile environment and its storm of welfare and policing cuts, something is happening in Scotland even though we can step only partly out of her deadly embrace. This isn’t an analytical treatise arguing for Scotland seeming to be becoming a better country. It’s a gentle shower of data which I think collects in the mind to suggest that something is happening here which we can begin to celebrate."

Scotland The Most Pro-Migration Country In UK

A NEW poll has shown that Scots have the most favourable attitude towards migration in the UK, with 44 per cent agreeing that migrants had a positive impact compared to 30 per cent who disagreed. The Survation poll on behalf of Channel 4 asked people in every part of the UK “do you believe immigration has had a positive or negative impact on Britain?” In a regional breakdown, only London was more pro-immigration than Scotland, with the majority of regions showing majorities for a negative attitude.