Your Personal Data Is At Risk From The Government App

"Matthew Ryder QC and Edward Craven from Matrix, along with Ravi Naik solicitor and legal director AWO, a new data rights agency, and Gayatri Sarathy of Blackstone chambers, have been instructed by Open Society Foundation to provide a detailed legal opinion on smartphone contact tracing and other data driven proposals that are part of the Government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic....

What I do know is that the trajectory of mistrust, that is entirely self-inflicted by ministers of very limited competence, will continue and that this app might become a focal point for this concern as people refuse to give up control of their data to the government, whatever the crisis.

The government’s belief that it has a compliant population may be tested, quite soon. Breaking points are never apparent in advance and I might, of course, have got my judgement on sentiment on this wrong. But it only takes small numbers to be vocal on such issues and change can happen. And to refuse this government our data, whatever the reason for it thinking it wants it, is a wholly rational act necessary act when there can be no logic to it having tracking data of the sort that such an app might supply on our every movement and contact."