Carbon free national grid?

‘A new National Grid energy forecasting tool has predicted that Scotland will have the lowest grid intensity in the UK today. National Grid said yesterday that it has worked in partnership with WWF and Environmental Defense Fund Europe to progress this innovative software, based on open access API. The software can now give businesses and homes a 48-hour forecast on Scotland’s future carbon emissions intensity.’

Could Scotland Solve England's Water Crisis?

"Scotland, in simple terms, is a water-rich nation whereas England is not. Loch Ness, one of Scotland’s 27,000 freshwater lochs, contains more water than all rivers and lakes in England and Wales combined.  Scotland also possesses more than 125,000km of rivers to boost its supply.  Overall, Scotland’s rivers, lochs, ponds and canals contain over 90% of freshwater in the UK."

Government Boosts Scottish Energy Efficiency

MORE than £2 million is being put forward to help households and businesses boost energy efficiency. Money has been given to 15 councils to help projects as part of the new Energy Efficient Scotland programme. The Scottish Government funding will also support local authorities to identify opportunities for efficiency improvements and heat decarbonisation.