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NHS Scotland Performing Better Than England?

According to a May 2018 report, in the BMJ:  ‘The number of people waiting more than 18 weeks for NHS [England] treatment has increased by 35% in the past year, official figures show.’  In a comparable period, NHS Scotland reported:  ‘In March 2018, for all Boards, 81.2% of patients were reported as being seen within 18 weeks. The figures for January and February were 81.0% and 81.0%respectively.’

Scottish Government’s improved terms for the terminally ill

Thought Control Scotland: As Ruth Davidson’s party bombs Damascus, evicts loyal West Indians and slashes the welfare state, the Scottish Government makes its third humanitarian intervention in three days

We’ve just heard of the Scottish Government’s improved terms for the terminally ill and their funding of frontline work with the hardcore of street homeless. See more here: