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Half Scots Pledge To Donate Organs After Death

From BBC website - ‘More than half of Scotland’s population have registered to donate their organs or tissue after their death – the highest rate in Britain. Figures show that more than 2,724,000 Scottish residents are registered on the UK Organ Donor Register.’ And - ‘On 4 July there were 2,724,358 people in Scotland on the UK Organ Donor Register – 50.4% of the population. The UK average on 31 March was 38%.’

Dr Phillipa Whitford on Brexit And The NHS

Since the UK Government took the decision to leave the EU there has been a 90% drop in nurses coming from the EU and 40 – 60% of EU Doctors are considering leaving. In Scotland, said Dr Whitford, 14% had already gone. “If we do not have enough people then we struggle to deliver the service. The young have the most to lose” she continued and “they didn’t get a voice….the EU citizens didn’t get a voice.”

Scottish GP Vacancy Rate One Third Of Rest OF UK

‘GP vacancies (in England) rise to record levels despite recruitment pledge, survey suggests. Long patient waits and unsafe, rushed appointments are unlikely to end any time soon as vacancies have risen from 9.1 per cent to 15.3 per cent since the (UK) government pledged 5 000 more doctors.’  In sharp contrast, the GP vacancy rate in Scotland was only 5.6% at the end of 2017.

Satisfaction With Scottish NHS Much Higher Than Across The UK

So, with satisfaction at 78%, NHS Scotland satisfies 36% more of the Scottish population than the combined NHS does across the UK. Given that there are Scottish responses in and perhaps boosting the UK figures, we might find that satisfaction levels with the NHS, in the non-Scottish parts of the UK, are lower than 57%.

Classic BBC NHS Scare Story

Six times this morning (and no doubt three time this evening on Reporting Scotland) we heard, headlined:

‘Doctors’ leaders are warning that the NHS in Scotland is being pushed to the brink!’

We’ve been here before, several times, with the BMA and BBC Scotland presenting unsound research findings to undermine the reputation of NHS Scotland and, by association, the SNP administration.  Read on...