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BBC Still Using Wrong Data For A&E Performance

"On BBC 1 at 1pm today: "Waiting times for A&E in England improved slightly in January. Over the course of the month 81.7% were seen within four hours." This is wrong and they’ve been up to this trick for years. Here’s the data source...

"NHS Scotland A&E is at least 13% better as NHS England also has the dubious practice of restarting the clock after patients are admitted whereas in Scotland counting continues from first arrival."

Free Personal Care In Scotland

"A member of the party which denies free care to anyone at all, never mind the under-65s, has the nerve to ask straight-faced if the Scottish Government is getting on with it. In case readers do not fully appreciate, and for Miles, here is what the brutal callousness of Conservatism means, from Independent Age in January 2020"...

Scottish Bowel Screening Programme Beats Target

Cancer Research UK is concerned that as many as 1,100 people a year in England with bowel cancer are not being picked up because the NHS there used a higher threshold than Scotland in screening for the disease using the faecal immunochemical test. In Scotland those whose testing shows they have 80 micrograms of haemoglobin per gram of faeces are referred to have a colonoscopy to determine if they have bowel cancer.Advertisement. In contrast, in England only those with 120 micrograms go on to have further investigation. That is despite research showing that the lower the threshold, the more cases are detected and thus lives are saved.

Bowel cancer screening starts at 50 in Scotland. It begins at 55 in England.

The Cost Of England's Privatised Water

"In a disturbing piece on Channel 4 News last night, we heard: Untreated sewage is being released into rivers across England and Wales – perfectly legally – and campaigners are calling it a ‘dirty little secret’. This programme has now obtained exclusive figures showing how often and for how long it’s happening. Water companies are allowed to release a mixture of rainwater and sewage through special overflow pipes during spells of heavy rain – but we’ve discovered that during 2018 – there were 140,000 spills, lasting a total of 900,000 hours."

But in Scotland...