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Tories To Solve Nursing Shortage By Expecting Students To Pay £30k To Train!

"From the Royal College of Nursing yesterday: The Conservative Party general election manifesto promises £5,000 maintenance grants for nursing students and a 50,000 increase in the number of NHS nurses in England by 2025. The party will not reinstate the nursing bursary, meaning students would still have to pay their tuition fees, which are currently capped at £9,250 a year."

Also, it is understood that the 50,000 more nurses figure alleged by Tory politicians somehow magically includes 19,000 existing nurses whom they hope to persuade not to leave NHS England! On what basis can they be counted as "new" nurses?

Scotland's NHS Outperforms The Rest Of The UK - Here's Why

"The evidence available for comparison suggests that the Scottish Government’s approach to health service management – having a greater ratio of healthcare spending and resources to demand and overall population, as well as providing better GP access to lesson the pressure on hospitals – has made the Scottish health service more effective than that of the rest of the UK."

Fewer Scottish Doctors Retiring Early

"In Holyrood on Tuesday: Alex Cole-Hamilton (Edinburgh Western) (Scottish Liberal Democrats): To ask the Scottish Government what action it is taking in response is to reports that doctors are retiring before reaching the state pension age because of overwork. He’d asked almost the same question, also devoid of any evidence, in April, but it got media attention. We were able to write: An anonymous Freedom of Information request has revealed today that contrary to Cole-Hamilton’s predictions last April, fewer GPs are retiring early. See this..."