Health & the NHS

Selling Off The NHS

"Yesterday (21 July 2020) Westminster MPs voted down an amendment to the Trade Bill that would have stopped the UK Government being able to sell off the NHS to American companies in order to secure a post-Brexit trade deal.  Labour, which told Scotland that the NHS was safe within the Union, tried to insert a passage – ‘New Clause 17’ – into the Trade Bill to provide cast iron protections for the NHS in post-Brexit trade negotiations.  However, the Amendment supported by all of Scotland’s SNP MPs and its single Labour MP was defeated by 340 votes to 251, after Tory ministers insisted it wasn’t needed and, in a Gordon Brown-esque attack, described Labour’s claims as “myths”."

The British People Are Being Played For Fools

"A world where three-word slogans masquerade as policy. A world where clapping on Thursdays and seeing the NHS as a charity case have become a substitute for paying and equipping health staff properly. A world where they fly the Union Flag, publish photos of babies, dogs and princesses, and get the Queen to talk to the nation from time to time. In the hope that we won’t notice the rest.

They are playing us for fools.

Why Wearing A Face Mask Is Important

"Wearing a face mask/covering does not protect you. It protects others. It is a small thing you can do as an individual to protect others from the transmission of the deadly virus Covid19. It is highly recommended that people in Scotland wear a face mask/covering in indoor spaces and shops.  You can make your own – and there are lots of patterns out there on how to do so. How to make a mask"