Digital Tech Sector Jobs up 8%

The number of jobs in the industry in Scotland hit 48,448 last year, up 8% on 2016. The three Scottish tech hubs of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee are singled out in the report. Together they contribute £2.4bn, or three-fifths, of Scotland’s total tech turnover. The tech sector in Scotland is worth £3.9bn with digital tech turnover per employee reaching £80,000, according to the report. The Tech Nation report said that Scotland’s capital is home to two of the UK’s best known unicorns – Skyscanner, bought by Ctrip of China in 2016, and gaming company, Fanduel.’

Scotland's More Advanced Fire Sprinkler Laws

‘Scotland is more advanced with its fire sprinkler legislation, which since 2005 has required sprinklers in all residential buildings including care homes, sheltered housing, school accommodation and high rises above 18m in height…… In England, only new residential properties above 30m in height must be fitted with sprinklers.’