Independent Scotland Would Be Wealthy Enough To Fund A Just Transition To Renewables – And Lower Electricity Bills

"England imports most of its energy from Scotland. But Scots don’t benefit from that – they are charged more in energy bills than the rest of the UK. If an independent Scotland had replicated Norway’s policy of creating a sovereign wealth fund, it would now be, per capita, the wealthiest country in the world. It could use its sovereign wealth fund to protect consumers from the energy crisis and invest in a meaningful way in a just transition."

Renewable Power - Scotland Risks Being Left Behind

"The UK Government has failed to put in place any market incentives to build pumped storage in Scotland. There are two projects near Loch Ness which have been granted permission by the Scottish Government, which would more than double the entire UK’s pumped storage capacity. A third, at Loch Awe is at the proposal stage. But developers have not yet started work on any of these. For a business to embark on a big infrastructure project like this, which will take many years to build and use, usually requires Government incentives. The UK Government is coming under pressure to provide this – but an independent Scotland could have done it years ago, when Norway started its projects."

Scotland - 8% Of The UK Population But 24% Of The Renewable Electricity Production

"From UK Government data today, we can see that with only 8% of the population, Scotland has generated 23.7% of all electricity generated from renewable sources in 2020. Readers may remember that for gas it’s 8% of the population and 28% of the production. It’s also 8% of the population and 15% of the social housing and 46% of the trees. The 8% meme, once a favourite here, has been neglected in the last few years so here’s a reminder of some..."