Scottish Government Helps World's Most Powerful Tidal Turbine

"From Energy Voice yesterday: Orbital Marine Power has teamed up with Swedish engineer SKF for its power train supply on the world’s most powerful tidal turbine. This will become the world’s most powerful tidal turbine when it enters operation at the European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney in 2020. Orbital has been working with SKF for the supply of critical bearing and sealing components since 2011 in both its 250kW unit and the SR2000-2MW unit, which produced more than 3GWh of electricity over its initial 12-month test programme. The announcement also follows the Scottish Government’s award of a £3.4 million grant to Orbital Marine."

Scotland's Pumped Storage Hydro Capacity

"We have repeatedly called, and will continue to do so, for the UK Government to exercise its powers to ensure a viable route to market that will provide sufficient revenue certainty to underpin the investment case for developers of pumped storage hydro projects. We believe this would be of great benefit to GB energy consumers, by ensuring the resilience of electricity supplies, as well as complementing growth in renewable energy generation."

Hydro Power Grows By 29% In Three Years

"From Scotland: The Hydro Nation Annual Report 2019 published today in good time for Reporting Scotland at 6.30: In July 2019 Scottish Enterprise published new, independent research which shows the impact of the sector in Scotland; it employs 16,600 direct jobs, has a turnover of £3.7 billion and exports of £170 million. The sector overall has grown by an impressive 29% in the past 3 years, whilst over 60% of companies have plans for growth. These are extremely encouraging figures, and within the sector once again Scottish Water continues to perform strongly and is a real public sector success story."

O2 Tidal Device Made In Scotland Will Power Orkney Homes

Orbital Marine Power (Orbital) has been awarded £3.4million from the Scottish Government for its O2 Tidal device. As part of the £10 million Saltire Tidal Energy Challenge Fund, the 72 metre long O2, capable of generating more than 2MW from tidal stream resources, will be built in Scotland and installed at the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney. The tidal device, which has  360° turbine rotors, allowing power to be extracted from both tidal directions, will be made in Scotland  by Scottish company Texo Group at their new quayside facilities in Dundee. Key components will be delivered by Gray Fabrication in Cupar using material from Liberty Steel in Motherwell. The O2 2MW Floating Tidal Energy Turbine will be capable of powering more than 1,700 homes per year in Orkney.