Tory Lies, Corruption, Austerity & Bad Policy Damage

Scottish Council House Completions Six Times Higher Per Head Than England

"While private housebuilding in England is running at around twice the rate, pro rata of that in Scotland, the crucial local authority supply lags well behind. Comparing the 1 451 completions in Scotland with the 2 560 completions reported in England for the same year we get a very sad picture. With ten times the population you might expect around 14 500 completions but there were only 2 560, 1.76 times the rate and thus nearly six times worse."

General Election 2019 - Millions Of Votes Wasted

"Anaylsis by the Electoral Reform Society suggests that up to 45 per cent of voters have been left unrepresented 

  • ERS argues General Election showed "absurdity" of Westminister voting system 
  • "Wildly different" number of votes needed to elect MPs, depending on constituency
  • 45 per cent of votes go unrepresented: “People will not tolerate being systematically ignored” "

Homeless Children In Temporary Accommodation 95 Times More Common In England

"That more than 9 000 children were in B&B or hostels in England is shocking. The rate in Labour Wales, with half the population is also, pro rata, 5 times higher than in Scotland. The table above, also reveals that the total number of homeless children in Scotland is only slightly over half that, per capita, of England. All things being equal, at 11 times the population the English figure should be around 70 000 but is actually 123 000."

Scottish High Rise Flats Better Protected

"In a parliamentary question at Holyrood on Monday, David Stewart (Highlands and Islands) (Scottish Labour) asked the Scottish Government what plans it has to ban combustible materials on the outside of high-rise or high-risk buildings. The answer was reassuring contrast to the lack of comparable action in England..."

UK Inequality "Among The Worst In The Developed Countires"

"Regional divides in the UK are among the worst in the developed world, according to a report, which found that parts of England have higher mortality rates than places in Turkey, Romania and Poland. Research by the thinktank IPPR North found that the UK is more unequal than comparable countries on measures such as health, jobs, disposable income and productivity. It said mortality rates – the number of people who die relative to the size and age of the population – were worse in Blackpool, Manchester and Hull than in the Turkish cities of Tunceli, Mardin and Muğla, the Romanian region of Vâlcea, and the cities of Krakow and Wrocław in Poland."