Tory Lies, Corruption, Austerity & Bad Policy Damage

HS2: Dead On Arrival

"HS2 is a plan for an era that no longer exists. It is about saving ‘executive’ time in getting to London. It has always been about indifference to the countryside. It has always ignored the fact that it is a plan to support the south-east. And it has always glossed over the fact that it is a subsidy to those already wealthy, who are the only people who will be able to afford its fares, which are bound to be even more absurd than those already charged on West Coast routes."

Asylum Seeker Denied Cancer Treatment By Home Office Dies

"It’s the latest, however, in signs that England is drifting away from its long traditions of universal health care, formalised by the 1945 Labour Government, and away from their survival in Scotland. In the Guardian on September 9th: The safety of vulnerable mothers and newborn babies is being put at risk by NHS fees that deter undocumented migrant women from accessing care, a new report from Maternity Action backed by the Royal College of Midwives (RCM) has warned. NHS packages for overseas pregnant women start at £7,000 for antenatal, pregnancy and postnatal care, but can rise to thousands of pounds if the mother or child experience complications."

Who Is Alister Jack

"Alister Jack MP is the new Secretary of State for Scotland after Prime Minister Boris Johnson,on his first day in office,  sacked David Mundell. Alistair Jack has been a Member of the UK Parliament since the General Election of 2017 representing Dumfries and Galloway. He won with a whopping 43.3% of the vote and ousting the sitting SNP MP who got 32.4%. Since then he has been rather quiet in the House of Commons. They Work For You is an excellent site for checking how our representatives vote."