Westminster Austerity & Bad Policy Damage

A "Harsh & Uncaring" UK - The Alston Report

Professor Alston lays the blame for the appalling levels of poverty in the UK firmly with the austerity agenda driven by successive UK Governments since 2010 – so that’s both Conservative and Liberal Democrat MPs who in a coalition pact went about destroying the ‘social safety‘ net of the UK’s welfare system.......

14 million people in the UK are today living in poverty that’s 1/5 of the population. And of that number 1.5 million cannot even afford the basics to survive. This is a UK state, which despite being the 5th largest economy in the world, is not just failing its people, it is destroying the very fabric of society.

Pregnancy And Baby Payments To Offset Tory Austerity In Scotland

It’s clearly still a disgrace that we have such levels of poverty in one of the world’s most affluent countries. We saw in the last budget, the lack of concern for the poor in the current UK government, in the recent budget, as they used wealth that could have reduced poverty to, instead, reduce taxation on middle and upper-earners. That poverty is less common in Scotland seems due in large part to Scottish government initiatives. This has been confirmed in a report from the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Westminster Government Accused Of "Social Murder"

"The study, by Lancaster University’s Dr Chris Grover, observes that the Tory government’s policies are designed to force people into low-paid work by means of a ‘structural violence’ – and observes direct results of government austerity measures and deaths among vulnerable people, including:

  • an additional six suicides for every 10,000 work capability assessments done
  • increasing number of people Britain dying of malnutrition
  • increasing numbers of homeless people dying on the streets or in hostels

The study also states that the government cannot claim any ignorance of the effects of its policies, describing them as ‘known and avoidable’."

Poverty Is A Political Choice

Professor Philip Alston has been on a visit to the UK. It’s not been for pleasure but for work as the United Nations Special Rapporteur on extreme poverty and human rights.  He has toured all parts of the UK: Scotland, Wales Northern Ireland and England and spoken to politicians and those directly affected by the UK Government’s austerity policies. He was shocked at what he found and his report clearly communicates this.