Tory Lies, Corruption, Austerity & Bad Policy Damage

The British Black Comedy Of Covid

"Tens of thousands of lives have been lost due to the negligence of this British Government. It has failed to implement testing, tracing, and isolating and even now at this late stage the government is nowhere near meeting its targets for testing. It was slow to introduce lockdown measures and squandered the valuable lead that the UK had early on in the outbreak. It has failed to ensure that PPE is supplied to all those key workers who need it. It has politicised its scientific advice by including political appointees on its scientific panel and then compounded the error by refusing to reveal the “science” it claims to be following. The entirely predictable result is that the UK now has the highest death toll of anywhere in Europe, even when based upon the partial figures of the UK Government itself."

The (Westminster) Government's Misinformation On Covid - 19 Deaths Is Unforgivable

"I deeply resent not being told the truth. Day in and day out the government is providing false data to the country at present which is reported as fact when it is nothing like that. Our Covid-19 deaths are far worse than the government represents.
This government’s failure, in the European context, is far worse than the data yet tells. The real cost of this misinformation is going to be massive. And I am angry about that. This government is engaging in a propaganda war it is bound to lose at cost to us all and is doing so simply to protect their own incompetence.
That is unforgivable. I hope they are not forgiven."

Scotland's Unionists In The House Of Lords

"The ever excellent SNP MP Tommy Sheppard has combined with the National to circulate some useful short-form update info on the House of Lords reflection of today’s Scottish society (spoiler – no realistic reflection whatsoever). Link and snippet below: (Note in particular the disparity in privately purchased education percentage amongst ‘Scottish’ peers as compared to the relevant full population figures – privilege can be, and is being, purchased every day of the year in ‘British’ Scotland)".

Of course they want to remain in the UK.  After independence they'd be out of a "job".

Tory MSP Tries To Exploit Drug Deaths

In the Times and headlining on BBC Scotland, of course, List MSP Annie Wells has called on the PM to hold a summit, when he gets back, on Scotland’s drug deaths. Wells is known for opposing safe consumption rooms to reduce deaths, but these cannot be tried by the Scottish Government due to Westminster’s reserved control. Research evidence for their effectiveness is clear https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5685449/