Tory Lies, Corruption, Austerity & Bad Policy Damage

Scottish Government Swamped By Effect Of Tory Welfare "Reforms"

A NEW report into the effects of Tory welfare reform show the human "tragedy" brought on Scotland by Tory welfare reforms, experts have said. The comments come in response to a new Scottish Government 2018 Annual Report on Welfare Reform which show rising poverty and destitution as a result of the austerity regime at Westminster. The report shows, among other examples of the decline of the welfare system, that the share of children living in relative poverty is increasing and that benefit sanctions are increasing under Universal Benefit.

Austerity Economics Is Lunacy

If we look on the optimistic side and say from our current trade deficit of £47 billion, the Westminster government’s wonderful fiscal programme of sweeping austerity results in a surplus of £10 billion per anum, (we're already stretching credibility to it's limits here), then it will take 180 years to pay off the National Debt. Put another way, that is six generations of humanity, all beavering away in support of a failed political ideal.

Austerity Is About Putting The Poor In Their Place

Do we need any more evidence that even in times of austerity money is no object to the government when it comes to keeping the poor in their place? If so, we had a textbook example at the end of August as it was revealed that £200 million had been spent defending sickness and disability benefit appeals in the last five years.