Westminster Austerity & Bad Policy Damage

Do You Trust Westminster Politicians?

"The issue of shipbuilding on the Clyde became a central plank of the pro-Union campaign during the 2014 Independence referendum.  Both the Labour party and the then David Cameron led Tory government pledged to build thirteen Type 26 frigates on the Clyde.  The programme was to be underpinned by a new so-called ‘frigate factory’.  The total cost of the programme was estimated to be in the region of four billion pounds.  However shortly after the Independence referendum returned a ‘No’ vote, the Type 26 order was cut from thirteen to eight."

Labour Are In Thrall To The British State

"Labour UK has, for years now, nailed its colours to the mast. Since about 2012 and the run-up to the indy referendum, the banner was fully unfurled, it effectively declared that Labour UK is the party of little, corporate and titled England, that it is party of the establishment, and it will forge whatever alliances are required of it to further this. It seems fairly simple; if any Scot is determined to impoverish our children, see charges laid at the doors of our students, look to our elderly being forced to penury, and support the privatisation of our NHS, then a vote for this “newest Labour” is clearly called for. Otherwise, we should all think very carefully about where to make our mark, for each and every one of us, in choosing to vote or not, will undoubtedly leave our mark." A MacGregor.

Ruth Is Wrong

"what Ruth Davidson is less keen to say is that UK growth has fallen to 0.1%, which is connected to disposable income falling by 0.3% and total sales for retail has fallen by 3.1%. The reason Ruth is less keen to talk about these numbers is due to the fact this is down to the government seeking a surplus and pushing the private sector into a deficit. Austerity measures are pushing more people into increasing private debt."