Crime and Policing

20 Year Low In Scottish Criminal Re-Conviction Rates

Thanks to this Freedom of Information response published yesterday we can see one reason for the dramatic fall in crime. Not only a dramatic fall in crime rates but also a 20 year low in criminal reconviction rates. (Note the major impacts of Community Payback Orders which have been promoted by the SNP Scottish Govt as an alternative to custodial sentences). Link and snippets from news.gov.scot here: https://news.gov.scot/news/reducing-reoffending-1.

"Nationwide" Rise In Reported Race Crime - But Not In Scotland

"Needless to say, there is no mention of any breakdown across the parts of ‘the nation’ and I doubt I’d get one (‘Oh the ‘regional’ samples are too small to be valid!’) but, fortunately we have many other recent sources of data telling us that there has been no surge of racism here. Indeed, the evidence is of falling racism generally. Don’t let the reporting of the Old Firm or the words of Scotland’s few Tory/Labour nutjobs deceive you."