Crime and Policing

Tories Fail England As Teen Knife Crime Soars

"In a Home Office report, ‘An analysis of indicators of serious violence’, published yesterday we see that more than 17 500 boys aged 14 carry a knife or weapon in England and Wales. Th(is) appears as fatal stabbings in England & Wales pass 100 cases already this year, with 19 of the victims under 20 years of age. I cannot find a single fatal stabbing of a teenager reported in Scotland in 2018 or 2019."


Tories Fail On Crime Again!

"Second poll confirms human effects of falling crime levels in Scotland. The YouGov poll based on fieldwork on 16th and 17th July reinforces the stability of SNP support (42%) and the collapse of that for the Tories (13%) and Labour (15%) but, notably, reveals a sharp difference in levels of concern about crime. Only 16% of Scots rated it the most important issue while between 28% (South) and 35% (London) did so across England and Wales.

Scotlands University Cities The Safest In The UK

"From the Complete University Guide 2019, we can see that the overall fall in crime in Scotland in the last ten, or so, years is reflected in the relative safety of university campuses. Of particular interest is the level of crime (incidents per 1 000 residents) reported in Glasgow, lower than that in Edinburgh, less than half the level of England’s safest locations and less than a tenth of the least safe."

Police Scotland More Effective At Solving Violent Crimes Than Police In England Under Westminster Rule

"In the Independent today (19 July 2019): Statistics released by the Home Office show that the number of reported offences resulting in a prosecution had fallen to the lowest level since data recording began in 2015. Only 7.8 per cent of crimes saw a suspect charged or summonsed in 2018-19, compared to 9.1 per cent the year before. For rape the figure was just 1.5 per cent – down from 3 per cent in 2017-18 – and the figure was only 8 per cent for violence, 7 per cent for robbery, 6 per cent for theft and 3.5 per cent for sexual offences.

In sharp contrast in Scotland: Clear up rates for the different crime types show marked differences, from 25.2% for Fire-raising, Vandalism etc. and 36.9% for Crimes of Dishonesty to 76.1% for Non-sexual crimes of violence and 89.6% for Other crimes."