Crime and Policing

Child Fatalities On Scottish Roads At Lowest Level Ever

‘The latest statistics confirm that casualties on Scotland’s roads are at the lowest levels since records began. Through actions taken by all those involved in improving road safety, the longer-term trends show a 50% reduction in fatal injuries, a 39% reduction in serious injuries and a 61% reduction in child fatalities compared to the 2004-2008 baseline figures.’

Could the "controversial" use of average speed cameras, so often criticised by Conservatives, have played a part in this?

Reconviction Rate In Scotland Half That Of England

"So, this means that, in Scotland, the re-offending rate in 2015/2016 was around 25% having fallen from about 66% in 2005/2006. However, in England, where there has not been a comparable move toward non-custodial sentencing, the reoffending is much higher at 47.5% having climbed from 44.8% in 2011."