Banking For The Common Good

"A new report from the Common Weal think tank by Dr Gemma Bone Dodds - author of Common Weal's 2016 policy paper Banking for the Common Good - sets out a costed proposal for reopening bank branches across Scotland by starting a national bank mutually owned by its customers. This bank would provide a full range of banking services but rather than focussing on shareholder profit would instead focus on quality of service and in particular restoring bank branches to communities which have lost them. You can download the policy paper here."

How Sound Is The Economy Really?

"Why the drop in economic productivity?  Because our spiv economy of rogue banks and hedge fund speculators don’t invest in plant and machinery, new technology and training workers.  But then our new Chancellor comes from this spiv economy.  No wonder he thinks “the fundamentals” are sound."

Funding The Green New Deal

"The Green New Deal will deliver long-term security:

  • For people;
  • For jobs;
  • For the environment;
  • For our savings;
  • For young people;
  • For pensioners;
  • For the services we all rely on.

The Green New Deal is the way to the world we need to live in."

The SNP Has To Wake Up To Economic Reality

"Let me summarise it like this. Keith Brown is the slave of defunct economic thinking that does not represent the way that any economy now works, or the way in which the Scottish economy should work. He wants to ensnare the future of Scotland to bankers, most of whom will be in London. The people of Scotland want an independent future where they are in charge of their own destiny, and their government works to achieve it. The SNP has to change its economic thinking to ensure that future is delivered. It really is time it woke up to the need to do so."