The SNP Has To Wake Up To Economic Reality

"Let me summarise it like this. Keith Brown is the slave of defunct economic thinking that does not represent the way that any economy now works, or the way in which the Scottish economy should work. He wants to ensnare the future of Scotland to bankers, most of whom will be in London. The people of Scotland want an independent future where they are in charge of their own destiny, and their government works to achieve it. The SNP has to change its economic thinking to ensure that future is delivered. It really is time it woke up to the need to do so."

Scotland's Builders The Only Ones In The UK To See Growth

"In Insider today: Scotland was the only UK nation to see growth among builders accelerate in the last three months, with an increase in both workloads and enquiries, according to the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) Scotland. The trade association’s State of Trade Survey for the second quarter of 2019, which assesses the SME construction sector, found that in Scotland in terms of the overall score for workloads, expected workloads and enquiries, had an increase of 23 percentage points compared to the previous quarter."

The Scottish National Investment Bank Takes Another Step Forward

"Scotland's economy needs investment. Our business sector needs patient, supportive finance. The UK banking sector has failed to create a heathy investment environment for the Scottish economy and so now we need a public alternative. A Scottish National Investment Bank will be a bank driven by a public-benefit mission, not by maximising profit at the expense of customers."

The London Productivity Miracle Is An Illusion

"At a quick glance it looks like a London job adds almost exactly three times as much value to the UK economy as a whole as a South Scotland job. And let's be honest, a quick glance is often taken as plenty to dismiss the economics of independence in the media. But there is a problem, which is that the 'agglomeration effect' is measured without any reference to the many other factors which influence GVA. The Sheffield University report strips those factors out one by one to assess what like-for-like productivity would be."

Scottish Help To Buy Scheme Better Than In Rest Of UK?

From Scottish Housing News yesterday: ‘Scottish Help to Buy figures ‘highlight potential for disparity’ with rest of UK. News of the success of the Scottish Government’s Help to Buy shared equity scheme has been welcomed by Homes for Scotland (HFS) but the trade body has emphasised the importance of maintaining a level playing field across the border. New figures published yesterday revealed that more than 30,000 households have been helped to buy their home through Scottish Government support schemes since 2007. The details show that, over the last three years, more than 7,000 households have been able to purchase a new build home with just a 5% deposit. They also reveal that the number of First Time Buyers using the scheme has increased to over 80% and that the number of purchasers who had previously been living with parents or relatives had risen to 45%.’