Fiscal Rules Are Not Worth The Paper They Are Written On

"a fixation with fiscal rules is simply absurd in an era when we know that a) there is a macroeconomy, which fiscal rules deny by adopting a household analogy b) money is created by governments and so they cannot be constrained by a shortage of it and c) the impact of fiscal rules has always been to constrain the role of government, impose austerity and to create unemployment as a wholly unnecessary and profoundly socially costly buffer against inflation in the interests of the wealthy."

5 Reasons Why Scotland Would Thrive As An Independent Nation (Updated)


Scotland is home to a unique combination of assets with which to build a prosperous and wealthy nation. Medium-sized European nations such as Norway, Denmark, and Sweden are among the most prosperous countries in the world, well ahead of the UK. Scotland shares many similar economic features with these countries, highlighting the immense growth potential of Scotland. There are 5 vital contributors to growth and development in a country. These include natural resources, a skilled population, access to trading markets, well-functioning products and sectors to trade with, and a supportive financial services system. Scotland possesses all of these in abundance, suggesting the country’s capability to boost its economic growth."

Billionaires Don't Add Up

"In short, billionaires indicate by their very existence that the market isn’t working. That democracy is deficient. That the economy is failing. That money is flowing upwards. And that billionaires aren’t working. They are never ‘wealth creators’ and always wealth extractors. They work to their own advantage and to the disadvantage of the rest of us. That’s not Marxism or Trotskyism. It’s logic. If we had somehow designed a system of water supply to deliver a few thousand times the normal quantity of water to just 100 odd domestic locations in the country we would probably consider carefully whether the original design was in fact, correct. Why doesn’t Emma Barnett – or, indeed anyone else at the BBC – ever think similarly about the economy?"

Number Of Scottish Businesses At Record High

"Further evidence of the success of Scottish Government and YES majority Scottish Parliament in finding ways to enable a Scottish economic climate which is fostering the development new businesses (to record HIGHS for both VAT registered and unregistered businesses). This resilience being achieved DESPITE Johnson and the Westminster Tories’ (of varied colours) best efforts to dislocate the Scottish economy with their Brexit/little England madness. news.gov.scot carrying the hugely encouraging results of the business survey from National Statistics of Scotland. Link and snippets below..."

Low Paid Employment Falling Fastest In Scotland To Lowest In UK

"In 2019, 8.7% of employee jobs in London were low-paid, compared with an average of 16.2% in the rest of the UK (Figure 1). Similarly, London had a higher proportion of high-paid jobs compared with the rest of the UK (42.5% compared with an average of 25.4%, respectively). The country with the lowest proportion of low-paid employee jobs was Scotland with 14.5%. In Wales, the proportion was 19.1% and in Northern Ireland it was 21.1%."