Scotland Out Performs All Of Europe On Inward Investment

"In Insider today:

Foreign direct investment in Scotland’s financial services sector increased last year as it shrank for the UK and Europe overall. Scotland was the UK’s second most attractive location for financial services FDI in 2019 for the seventh year in a row, increasing its share from 6.3% in 2018 to 8.1%. The latest EY UK Attractiveness Report for Financial Services 2020 reports that while London secured more financial services FDI projects, the eight launched in Scotland last year, created 2,911 jobs – more than three times that of London and more than half the UK total."

Mythbuster: The National Debt

"There is no such thing as a ‘national debt’. There are notes and coins, National Savings and Investments accounts and the bonds that pension funds, life assurance companies, banks and overseas governments like to save in. And there is also the £635 billion the government includes in what it calls the national debt but which it actually owes itself. Where’s the debt in all this?"

Rebuilding Prosperity From The Ground Up

"Public Enterprise is an important tool for augmenting our recovery strategy. A dozen or so new publicly-owned commercial enterprises could act as anchor bolts to help firm the foundation of a recovered economy. In fact, we could actually go one further. If we want our recovery strategy to be based on a prosperity that wells up from below, rather than trickles down from above, public enterprise may be the exact tool we need."


"A great deal of what is said about the economy is either wrong, or mumbo-jumbo. The Mythbuster series is being published on the Tax Research UK blog to tackle the issues that cloud understanding of our economy."