UK Government Adviser Predicts Economic Success For Independent Scotland

"A UK government economic adviser writing for the London School of Economics has suggested independence would bring significant long-term benefits to Scotland and could be achieved without Westminster support. Geoffrey Chapman, a UK government economic advisor at the Department of International Trade and Richard Mackenzie-Gray Scott, a research fellow at the Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law, suggest that an independent Scotland will continue growing real GDP per capita despite higher trade costs. They compare Scotland’s position to the ‘’Velvet divorce’’, when Czechoslovakia was formally dissolved and the new, independent countries of Slovakia and the Czech Republic were created on 1 January, 1993."

The Basic Income Conversation

"A basic income should go to everyone, so everyone should have their say in what it looks like.  We want to spark a wave of Basic Income Conversations right across the country, embedding the idea into public consciousness.  Basic Income Conversations will spread the word about this big idea, taking basic income to thousands of people for the very first time. These Conversations are designed to increase people’s understanding and improve the quality of debate.  We've created the Basic Income Conversation Toolkit so you can lead the Conversation."

LSE Report On Scotland's Economy Debunked

"The LSE report on the increased costs in trade for an independent Scotland is based on unsubstantiated data and absurd assumptions....the claims in this report are literally not worth the paper they are written on. I suggested the estimates be consigned to that receptacle in the corner of your room, never to be discussed again."